Force Of Habit To Be Reckoned With

it’s like i’ve read this story everyday at the same high school track meet. i always wear a different face to the play. it changes every year, around the time of the christmas parade. playing the tart break-up dress-up, reeling on a slowly fading reel. a real favorite for the holidays.

a dirt molecule or star, knowing only milk from the carton with a capital k by the doughnut logo. spoiled on the sugar glaze, gazing at the night sky and moon with deja vu, after a supper of food and liquor, with gummy bears, licorice, pie, and tobacco for desert.

What's Happening, Captain?

i’m making things happen… altering the destinies of others… making a difference……

pro-league channel surfer, i travel a paved way through space and time.

let the frito-lays fall where they may, and leave those sleeping dogs to dream.

met a lot of weak people, but to me, what’s most important’s how the sun shines through the window, through the shower curtain.

now i’ve worn this budweiser band on my right wrist for five days and have since spent somewhere near two-hundred dollars.

i shut myself in the den… i’ll die a sentimentalist, playing my life before my eyes, it should make me want to avoid boarding an airplane. but the world does not seem to rotate at my controlled convenience, and i can’t seem to write this without the music playing. passion is a tricky poison, complex to brew from s

Learner's Renewal

(i can no longer pretend it was what it was, before i learned what it was.) “calling in the heavies.” they’ll be right back “after these messages.” ‘getting dressed behind the curtain, backstage.’ (trying to see the first of the month) safe behind a set of sunglasses… well, of course… until the sun goes down. caught pressing the love letter from a stainless or black steel railing. i’ve involuntarily invited myself to be rated,…

waking up in sweat-soaked bedsheets to a cold house, to find ourselves in a village full of lit torches over a runaway audition to join the circus and the job application results all come back negative.

we’re in a miracle of existence. on an unstable balance of styrofoam and aluminum. today i woke up at 12:44 p.m. plus, i’m twenty years old now. i haven’t got much m

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