The horizon’s rays of yellow, orange, and red / Shine beyond your blinders and creep into your bed, / Slowly prying open the shutters of yo…

Last Impression

Closely locking in every treasured piece of you I can hold on to— / Because I highly value the wealth of memories you’ve left with me

Magnetic Soul

Consume me / With a taste / Of your amorous, / Alluring, / Attraction.

When Love Strikes

There comes a time / When the chimes will ring.


For you, / By name, / Are entitled to be a royal pain. / But you, / O Cobra, / O King, / Are not the only poetically evil invertebrate / Of…



A Blank, Plain, White Sheet of Paper

Though simply ordinary, / I am complex and unique— / An open book who is hard to read. / The story of my life is much the same as many are—…

The Missing Piece

It’s a piece that can fill both the heart and soul. / It can fill the mind with many memories / Which create a cause for one to daydream / …

The Circle

Coming from the exit / Leading to a new entrance.

Black Rose

Will it be the color of the Hole / Sucking me further into the stamen of internal Void? / Or will I follow myself deeper into the petals of…

Interdependence Day


The Unspoken Resolution

An internal shouting match; / But I can’t understand the noise within. / And the external result between us / Is a long cold silence.

Inner Voices

Haunting resounds.


The ego of rationality / Warns me to beware the ides of non-sensicals / Marching a number of imaginary radical illogicals.

Frosted Flake


As We Evolved Over Time…

Past youthful stage between us had long died / Quickly before we ever knew / Real pain was festering in our hearts, / Separating us more an…


If I’m not tied down by anybody, / Then why am I tied up in knots within?

Looking Back

Guess our relationship was strapped in like a bunJEE cord— / Too big of A CHallenge to keep us from falling. / Guess our EYEs couldn’t see …



Weapon of Lust


Write of Passage

My hand / Wields magic / Pen writing / Electric stuff

Moving On

Winter’s sun / Sets a rising Summer

Fantasy Reality

Faded memories flash vividly.

Grey Noise

blackened silence / between tall false whites

Light Sleep

It all ends / in a minute.

Virtually Reality

There were so many people dancing in couples; / There were so few who were alone.

If I Should Ever Write a Villanelle

If I should ever write a villanelle, / Then may I plant a seed of thought to grow / From the root of my contemplative well.

My Dream…

My dream / …not to discover the meaning of life / …but to discover what it means to me

Call it Life

Call it the chaos in the choices made which lead to clear confusion, / Laden with decisions that dare us to dream. / Call it a keen percept…

Cycle of Betrayal

New friendships arise / With new betrayals in disguise

Shit Spreads

Altered / Babble / Collects / Dirt / Evolving / Filthy / Gossip


Face-to-face… / Oh how dangerously close I burn my eyes staring into your fire! / Miss the view I get of how hot and beautiful you are like…

A Look inside the Mirror


Can You Taste What’s Cookin’?



red wines / blush / white hot / cheeks

Oral Presentation


A Virgin to Love

Wish to lose my virginity when it comes to love. / Wish to come for the first time making love / While others still fuck around.

Pushed Away


How Can I Know?

How can I presently / See a future together so clearly / Through the unforeseen doubts in my mind?


My broken heart beats / Emotionally naked / Now that you are gone.

Imperfect 10

Dressed down to the 9’s / Waiting for your naked figure 8



Happy Birthday

You have the same present for me, / And require both of us to open it.

Did Angel Lose Her Innocence?




Surviving a Broken Heart

If you could look straight inside of me, / You’d see I’m drowning in the cold flash flood / Trying to survive this blustering storm / Tryin…

Growing Pains


Through the Vents

Your drive is for all that goes on in life / In spite of all the antlers through your windshield / As others are the deer in the headlights…


I wear too light a jacket / To protect the lighter clothes / Protecting the heavy naked body / Safeguarding the heavier exposed heart

Lakeside Meditation

I flood my world of stress with focused waves of clarity

Binding Tie


Jessie (ext. of Dawn)




Caffeine Free


The Five Sensuals


All of Me Wants All of You


Enclosed in the Open

Inside, my heart is as big as the sky. / But it can’t beat through the thunderstorms / Because no one else can feel the rain.

Sticking with Stones

The smooth love and lust / Of words in action / Spoken bluntly by sharp tongues / Marries the blind walking cane / With the deceitfully lus…

A Day of Four Seasons




Escape the World

Her heart beats in my body. / Mine—always so distant from me—feels / It has no beat. / Maybe she feels mine equally close to her— / And her…

Superficial Intelligence


Waking Up to Dreams of Us

I sleep with recurring restless thoughts in bed / And keep stirring heart-wrought dreams in my head.


Full of emptiness / Waiting to be emptied somewhere.

Ghost town

silence… / Tumbleweed…

Word Weaver

Anglin’ each fabric of perspective / Into the right perpendicular phrases / To bend into interlaced passion / For each needled eye / To see…

Deep Sea Diver

I most long / For someone / Who will dive / Into these murky waters, / Swim / Beneath my sea of baggage— / A sea of kelp / And coral / Read…


Both know what they came to do; / It could never work out. / But they do each other / And agree to work things out. / The fire burns.

Sundae Morning


Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Passions


Isle of Hidden Desolation

I’m an inner shadow of an aberration I’ve come to abhor / As others shed their light of admiration for me in the outer facade t…


sprinkle of daylight


(The eye of the storm / sees the course of the hurricane.) of placid calm

Lying Naked in a Bed of Truth


Private Lake


The Beauty within the Canvas


Mutual Spark

Chemistry boils, / pulls us closer.

Look into my Eyes

When you look into the eyes, / Do you see the mask / Of someone in disguise?

Close Relationships

Never experienced a close relationship / with a significant other, / but have had close relationships / with others who were significant.

Body of Art

poetry’s ink on naked bodies
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