It's what's inside [my name...and poetry...among other things...] that counts

Regarding my poetry: a lot of what I write has a lot of both thought & feeling that goes into it. The content/essence in the first drafts of anything I write comes straight from my heart. The way I craft my works to improve the structure of a write, choose more powerful words, rearrange wording, etc. to better fit a pattern, rhythm, or whatever else I believe looks/sounds better to me requires that my heart & head co-operate & collaborate together as one entity.

My sexy name: as I’ve mentioned in my profile, I have a page on Myspace that I check fairly often & currently have more of my posted works (which almost all will eventually most likely be posted here on rb). I also clicked on a What’s Your Sexy Name? name generator from a website outside of Myspace
It turns your name into an acronym & gives you your new name. I like the sexy definition within the name/acronym it gave me…so I thought I’d share what’s inside of me with all of you.

R omeo
U ndertaking
S ensual
S timulation &
E rotic
L ustful
L oving

In many ways, the content in a lot of my poetry (which…there’s still a lot I don’t currently have posted) that people tend to know me for seems to fit what’s inside of me (my generated name, that is) really well.

Just thought I’d share this as a unique introduction to you all as an equally unique way for you to…get to know me a little bit better…

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