The things are also people

I’m still pretty new here on Cen, and I’ve never actually spoken to a squp before. They look friendly enough – which is p…

Dead Harvey

“I’m sorry I put you away, Harvey,” I whispered, and in that moment, faced with this sad, wrecked memory of a man, I mean…

Bird, flipped.

“I hope you do stay that way, you ungrateful little shit,” she’d said, and that was that.

The Still – extended play

“I’ve got something that’ll interest you, Mint,” he said. / The Mint arched an eyebrow.

Information Underload (1)

“You can’t borrow that,” she said. “It doesn’t fit your profile. Go and find something that does. Or the door…

The Still

JJ’s successor was a kid on the edge. The still’s keepers were all like that — sitting outside the hierarchy, with a deal…

Ubi Sunt

Panic is gone, and in his absence and wake Havoc spreads bat-wings under the invisible moon


He moved on with his eyes all wide and lit up, / on the bed, / from the bed to the kitchen / their faces red and their voices hard / She i…

Grandfather Letter I

…my advice is to find a bell to stand next to…

Scientific experiments

It’s a nice bit of petri dish you’ve got for yourself here, mate. Very nice.

Rain of Zombies

We cross now to Annie Cropley, reporting live from Yorkshire, where the local residents are apparently experiencing some unusual weather. A…

Prescience of that funeral

Pall-bearers are made faceless at the peak of their grief are / become merely the sandy stumps of the coffin,


and to see out over that boundary I had to look right past her / tiny sleeping bundled body. / and present, and unknowing, / my daughter,


I could hear Mercedes calling though I don’t remember what she said.

On Brian

Eulogy in a town where discontent is as much of hatred / as can be allowed / without dissolution. / …
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