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Hi! I’m lucky enough to live in the beautiful Scottish Borders and love trying to capture a moment to savour… / Thanks so...

Mar-vellous !

As you may know Mar Silva is an especially amazing and generous person on this incredible site and I am reposting this journal in honour of Mar’s forthcoming trip to her beloved mountains next week. Please have an amazing time and come back safely – or “safe oot – safe in!” as we say in Peebles!

Mar’s work is just inspirational and awesome like this as the sun sets

But what is even more incredible is the effort she puts in to bring this beauty to our screens as shown in the following pics :

upon us all a littel rain must fall

don’t give up

and the real story

Mar has now bought FOUR of my cards over recent weeks and I know she has made a lot of others very happy too ! So the HUGEST THANKYOU Mar !! Way to go girl! hoping the training is complete and your injuries have healed in time for your next trip and can’t wait to see the results ! Stay safe and have fun in your ‘backyard’ or 2nd home…

ps Oh and I feel so honoured that the cards she chose to buy have included my personal fave of remember the time

as well asquaark

morning gems
and waterline

Good luck Mar !

maggie (aka ding)


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