not in my face
but in my space
not out of line,
but in our time

the time of fools
and the time for rules
the time of naives
and the time to slave

to many forget
there are no rules
in these schools that rule
without their yule

and to many are hurt
by those that don’t think.
and what they might say,
and what they may think.

they’ll say, “you’re not cool,”
or, “I don’t like that dress.”
always thinking of ‘self,’
and never the rest.

they play…..but don’t pay
these popular fools,
in life’s little games,
the games we call rules.

they bend and they turn
but never they brake
they continue to run…
while they continue to fake.

And just might they stop…..
for one second of time
then just might they realize,
when they looked in your eyes

that you may have hurt
that day they were cruel
as they spit in your face
with a challenge to duel.
but in the end…there is love,
which will float to the surface.
like fat in a pan,
or that jerk…who deserved it.

so please don’t forget…
to look and to see
the good that’s in you…
and the good that’s in me

always payin’ for food
with our last little dime.
more than willin’ to share,
always feelin “just fine.”

that part that won’t die.
that part that has love
that part that can fly
through the heavens above.

with all,
there are parts.
that we don’t understand,
just why we must part……..and travel again.

so on we must go,
on into the sun,
to seek out the truth, and why we have come.
to seek on this earth,
for whom we call ‘love.’

as through night
and through day
I continue to find
too many desires,
not considered…..divine.

so, on to continue.
is where I’ll go next.
through the land of the dogs,
I’ve not broken that hex.

to the land of the love
which, I’ve not yet escaped.
to the land of the drugs
which made me feel raped.

I’ll continue to search,
as my job,
on the run.
Just pushin,’
to help,
those that weep,
those that sob.

They’re feelin’ inside
that no one’s around
that nobody cares,
of their inner sound.

And what you have to say
and what they’ve said to you.
is a window for people,
and a mirror for you.

a window to night,
to the light and the dark.
of the soul
and the heart,
and those that must part.

those people…of love,
who we learn the most from.
the souls made of light and of love, and of gum.
they stick us together, like night does the stars.
never asking for much,
just the love that is ours.

so return this sweet love!
they so lovingly give.
and don’t worry ‘bout ’yours’
just worry ‘bout ’his.’

your heart, not theirs,
give it, as a gift
to love and to hold
and to learn to forgive.

so learn we must do,
to our brethren the same.
come women, and children,
the unliked…and the shamed.

for here we forgive, and love one and love all,
just the same, as did Jesus,
before and after his fall.

to love you like brothers,
is my ultimate goal.
whether you hate me or kill me,
or even after we brawl.

You’ll still feel the love
from the heart in my chest,
and I must now forgive,
like He did the rest.

those that hurt me
and those that do, you.
all those that desert me,
and speak with untruth.

they don’t know love yet,
that’s why they’re saying, these things.
They’re still looking for answers,
to the questions that ring, in each of our souls,
where we know God to be,
when you look at a child,
you know…they can see.

so don’t be
so blind,
to the love
in your life.

but be thankful, for any.
and for what you may strive.

for there are many who struggle
and even more who fall,
but we all must continue,
to climb this big wall.

we must continue to climb,
up on to the top, only then can we see,
just why we can’t stop.
cause it’s not where we’re going,
that’s so important to find

but the love that we feel,
on the way to divine.
not the chariot or car, or the star studded bus;
but divine
in which you may trust.

there is always God’s plan
what he planned you to be.
And when he opens your eyes,
He’ll ‘plan’ you……to see

Just as here in this form.
I continue to see,
those mistakes that we make,
and those ones…we can’t flee.

an inner belief

the mistake you’re stuck in,
the belief there’s no ‘God.’
the belief there’s no sin,

we must think differently,
we must be the ones.
for if we don’t do it soon,
there’ll be no end to this run.

And now I love you this day,
more then ever before.
I smile when I taste,
All the blessings in store.

of those whom I’ll meet
like I do, each new day
pray your spirit to guide me
back to heaven… stay!

calm our hearts,
our minds,
and our souls.
Show us your love…
and of your love we’ll show.




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