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My name is dimarie, / My art enterprise is called ‘dimarie designs’ and I’m also the artist behind Darkened Mystery Artworks / * © All...

the reply button

hey all, hope everyone is well!
just thought I’d let everyone know if you’ve made a comment and i dont reply using the reply button, its only because my time online is limited so i find that leaving a comment thanking everyone by name under their comments on my art pages is easier. and actually gets done.
when i try to individually reply to each one, a typical scenario is usually I’ll begin to write a reply and Zafyre will walk over and need my attention and those replies never get sent… (she is currently coming up to 15months old)
(also share my computer with a w.o.w. player)
so, thanx to everyone for all the lovely comments, and sorry if anyone is cut or annoyed that i dont reply individually all the time, I hope that my habit of thanking a bunch of you in one comment is ok! i also find that if i reply individually to each comment it takes up so much room lol!
So thanx again all of you who like my art and take the time to tell me!
I really do appreciate it alot and you all keep me inspired and motivated!
hope everyone is having a lovely night (or day)
:) :) :)

now all i need is to sell something!

arent these lil guys soo cute :)

a dragon

a cheeky raspberry…

a lil devil –

an evil lil laugher –

an irritated lil dude lol –

a happy lil fella –

a sunny lil trippa –

flower power -

soo cute….lil huggers –

claps all round –

snoozy lil dude –

the yes man –

and some magic fairy dust! –

– sleeping cat on computer
– cat with mouse in mouth
– cat with blind cord
– cat with fri 13th sign
– at with mirror
– cat with yarn
– cat with kittens
– cat licking paws
– alien in spaceship
-cute scary monster
– cute scary monster 2
– cute dragon
– emo smiley head with ‘it’ hair
– pisces
– bee with flower
– bee upright
dragonfly over rose border
hugz dragonfly glitter
– jar of honey

green bubbles
blue stars
paint swirl floatys
color stars
wave bubbles
links text

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