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My name is dimarie, / My art enterprise is called ‘dimarie designs’ and I’m also the artist behind Darkened Mystery Artworks / * © All...

feedback appreciated :)

If i was to cull 80 0r 90% of what is here… what should i keep?

do i have too many styles? is my creativeness being all over the place a good thing? or offputting?

do i care more about the community side, networking, getting to ‘know’ people etc n all that jazz here in bubbleland….or do i care more about ‘success’
can i do both?

is success overated?
is everything monetary based in the end out there in the world?

I am happy when creating things
I do it because if i didnt do it i wouldnt be being true to myself
i am stoked when someone likes something i’ve done enough to tell me
and even when they dont, its nice to think that something i created mite stir some emotion is someone
its almost unbelievable that i can put my thoughts, drawings, pictures poems, all that here and it can be reached across the globe… that i can interact with people who share passions from all walks of life
thats really cool on its entire own level
and i’m humbled that anyone would like my work enough to buy it
in alot of ways, this place has saved my life… i know, corny as, but it did
before i found this place i was at the end of my ropes
all that kept me going was my daughter and my relationship
and now it seems i have other things to live for
that i am not doomed speaking to the walls lol
i have too much inside my head

i have too much art i have created lol
and keep creating

sometimes i think i’m afraid of being successful, truly
but then i think thats silly cos its such a perspective thing

whats stopping me from taking my art to galleries n such? whats stopping me from asking to put it on walls in cafes etc… other than the moolah, of course, need to save for awhile before i can afford to get anything printed for such occasions/opportunities….
but am i afraid of the rejection?
or the chance of actually succeeding? and what that would mean…how would that change day to day life?

so this is just thoughts escaping hey
and that is something i like about here in bubbleland, the ability to purge ones thoughts and whatnot
but then is that ‘unprofessional’… thoughts and all the other things i write about….
do i care?
really what do i get more out of?
the interaction?
or the occasional sale?
haha well both of course, but point being…
oh i dont know, what am i trying to say

do i have a hope of making a living out of my art?
or am i too nuts… like, all this crazy all over the place processes of my everyday ticking of the mind… i am perfectly sane (haha) when compared to other crazies… but i’m not normal… i have never fit to any group or category or place my whole life
and i’m cool with that, i’ve gotten used to it and its all good makes life interesting.

i’m getting distracted again :)

my art
why cant i seem to stick with one style?
why am i asking so many whys
aarrgh :)

which of my styles is your favourite?

like, if i were to cull everything, but one style, what should that style be?

the other idea i had
is keeping this as it is
and opening another rb gallery
for a specific style/characters….

like trees
i had this idea of all sorts of tree designs, and i’d keep it all simple and uncluttered (unlike this one lol) and keep it at a few pages instead of the 20 or so i have here….

but would trees be well recieved?
i love trees, and spooky trees and drawing trees n such
but maybe, if i’m going to open another rb gallery solely for one style/genre, is trees the way to go, or something else?
my freakii chill dren?
the lil world peeps?

any thoughts are welcome
i’ve been tossing all this around my head for a while, so yea, feedback would be appreciated
thanx trippas!
lerv ya all!

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