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My name is dimarie, / My art enterprise is called ‘dimarie designs’ and I’m also the artist behind Darkened Mystery Artworks / * © All...

New features!... well most lol

So here are my featured works this week!
woohoo! :)

Elemental Power is featured over in the pentacle Passions group
So is the nature queen so it seems tho I dont remember being notified of that lol… unless its still up there from a few months ago…

Okay..I’m really behind on these ones oops lol

Absinthe, dont look back was featured in the shanime group 29 days ago…
and the coffee girl was featured in the group All Things Coffee 29 days ago…
of course these are new features up now in those groups, but here is a delayed thankyou to the hosts :) :) :)

Same deal with these two images

a golden edge of the world of dee and The hidden power of the peninsula were both featured in the Morninton Peninsula group 24 and 15 days ago… again, new features are now up, but I’d still like to thank the group hosts :) :) :)

Silhouettes of Magic and Amaltheas Enchanted Home are featured in the new group Mermaids and Mystic Creatures

nocturnal was featured in Live Love Dream group
yesterday, but they already have new features up (quick they are over there lol)

same with pink chick tee

was featured for a few hours :) in the new group Retro Tees – we got the funk they have new features up now tho
(some really cool designs in this group, go check it out!)

and last but not least

the decision is featured currently in the Stillness Speaks group

I love getting work featured! :)
So Big Thankyous to all the hosts… you all rock! :)

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