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My name is dimarie, / My art enterprise is called ‘dimarie designs’ and I’m also the artist behind Darkened Mystery Artworks / * © All...


Say goodbye!

Not to me! ………………. :)
But to a portion of my art here…

As part of the revamp…I thought a cull was in order…
So…these guys are goin bye bye!

Thanx to all of you that commented and faved any of these pieces!
It was all very much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed lookin at them while they were here :)

Now…me being a hoarder in nature..lol…cant bring myself to actually delete them…so they will be here, but hidden, de-published….no longer accessible to the world at large :)
BUT…if there is someone out there (you maybe?…) that finds themselves wanting to buy a print/card/tee of any of these bye bye items…well.. contact me and let me know which one you like and I’ll republish it for a sale :) just for you! :)
Now how’s that for shameless self promotion :)

So again…Thanx to all of you who faved/commented etc… You all made me feel so very welcome when i found the bubble, and i appreciate it all beyond mere words :)


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