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you all do too much lol (oh, update too)

thought i would have a quick look here while i’m pepped up on painkillers and antiobiotics….then i saw that just in the time since i’ve been mia….all your brillaint arts and writings and journals all have 10+pages on my activity page lol…
Think its gonna take longer than i thought to catch up :)

So update on my world….
My poor little girl has an ear infection, in both ears, poor little thing, but she is the biggest little trooper! a real champion, and I’m so proud of her how she’s been handling it! :)
Me, i have flu gone nuts now a chest infection yay lol…but still not as bad as my hubby who had a minor stroke of sorts thursday morning…scared the hell outta us!
But since then he has been on the mend also, so hopefully no more dramas!
Dont know what I’d do if anything really bad happened to my family…they are so my entire world…
but anyway, enough of negative thoughts, we are all getting better, hopefully by the weeks end (next week) we’ll be healthy again!
Winter ends! finally!
First day of Spring on Monday!
So maybe my winter blues will dissipate….and then I’ll be whinging about the extreme heat when summer gets here lol…
hope your all doing well!
Peace N Luv Trippaz!

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