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My name is dimarie, / My art enterprise is called ‘dimarie designs’ and I’m also the artist behind Darkened Mystery Artworks / * © All...


aestival \ES-tuh-vuhl\, adjective:
Of or belonging to the summer; as, aestival diseases. [Spelled also estival.]
its yesterdays dictionary.com word of the day, as todays word of the day isnt as interesting, being bruit…
bruit \BROOT\, transitive verb:
To report; to noise abroad.
hmn yea well anywayz…
if anyone was actually curious enought to click on that, here you go-

More features! :) :) :)

Scarlett De la Venous… and her pup Inchantrezz is featured in the Shanime: Inspired by Anime group


ninja was featured in the Melbourne & Victoria group

first time anything of mine has been featured in the Melbourne group too!!!
So thanx to the wicked group hosts who chose my work to be featured this week, its heaps heaps appreciated! :) :) :)

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