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My name is dimarie, / My art enterprise is called ‘dimarie designs’ and I’m also the artist behind Darkened Mystery Artworks / * © All...

Do you want to know...

that I’m sittin here waiting for that phonecall… that phonecall that was supposed to come last week…. that phonecall where I hear an excited voice (maybe scared too) yelling “We’re in LABOUR!!!”
And then it starts… get Zaffy ready…pack the car…cos its ROAD TRIP time!
Y’see, my darlin sister moved out to whoop whoop few months back… so we’ll have a few hours drive ahead of us once we get that phonecall.
Their little one was officially due on the 8th…
Apparantly she tells me that she is “much fatter” than the pic she had sent me which I did this with-

so I’m guessing she looks more like this now…

…lol. :)

So, I’ve been keepin myself busy with the usual…plus more visitors than normal and new projects bein started… all over the place :)
New stuff over at my thoughtz pages….dimarie designs
sooo gimme some lovin and go check it out! :)

Sold a few things Yay!
A Tee of stardust girl

So thanx to whoever bought that! much appreciated! :)
And sold a few cards to Kristina also! Thanx sweety! Always appreciated!

Had heaps of features lately…been busy bee tho and havnt been adding these lil journal entiries much…

She has Arisen was featured in the Back in Black group about 22 days ago (but new features are up over there now, but I did take a screen shot! lol) :)

Magickal Expectations was featured in Woman Appreciation group 18 days ago (again, new features are up now) :)

Star Slither Two was featured in the Reptiles and Amphibians group again about one month ago and then again 8 days ago :), (new features are up now…sorry for the late notice lol)

Amphibia Bubblemainia was featured in the Reptiles and Amphibians group 29 days ago, and also in the Live, Love, Dream group about a month ago

and Elegant Transcendance was featured in the Mature Woman group 2 months back but I forgot to mention that too :)
So…yea yea…old news…Any current features your thinkin?
Ha Ha! lol
yea ok…

Had a double feature about a month ago in the Pentacle Passions group with The Nature Queen
and Darkness Within (they’re still featured at the moment over there!)

Mushies Two is featured in the Airbrush Art group

outlook is currently featured in the Sanotorium B group

and sunset girl gone goth is featured in the Back in Black group (told ya they had new features up now lol)

Yay! :)

So a big Thanx to all those group hosts for featuring my work!
Heaps heaps appreciated! :) :) :)

Will be back soon to tell ya’s the rest of my newz…
Take Care!

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