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My name is dimarie, / My art enterprise is called ‘dimarie designs’ and I’m also the artist behind Darkened Mystery Artworks / * © All...

the happenings

yay I updated it!
Was abit in between entries as soo much has been happening…busy bee lil me.
So here, go look…newest ones bout my silhouette art… so very exciting lol.
dimarie designs

Also changed the look of my RB profile page…what d’ya think?
Improvement? Or did you like it better the old way (if you vcan remember how it used to look lol)

All my Tee designs wouldnt fit on the front profile page, guess I have too much lol
…so instead they got a text link…tho I’ll be changing all the text links etc to handrawn lettering, just havnt done it yet :)

I did do abit of a woa when i looked at the count for my art today,. I hadnt paid it any attention for ages.
311 total, 255 public, 56 private, 19841 views for art
106 total, 102 public, 4 private, 5408 views for tee designs
I have been thinking about culling my gallery…but I just dont know what I would say goodbye to?
Suggestions anyone?
The other way I was thinking was perhaps just opening up another RB account and moving all, lets say, my traditional art over there…keep this one for the digital stuff and photographs….
Oh i just dont know. I cant stop creating the stuff lol, and I dont want my folio to be unmanagable…. argh the dilemma lol.

What else?
Had some fun with coke bottle designs the other day
here they are

Its some comp thing for the coming olympics…..but the funny thing about it is you dont put your own work on them to a degree, I mean, instead of uploading one of your own designs, coke has supplied you with a bunch of stencils/tools and you work with them…. go check it out…good if your bored!
Link here

so…private pics…
ooh, heres one of my “unpublished” pics on here

when i look at this (done in january) i can see how far I’ve come with my digital/photoshop work lol
Lookin at this makes me want to redo it completely, she’s such a cutie :)

oh yea…I made some sales! oh yea! woohoo! :) :) :)

So, to the Anonymous buyers, whoever you are…Thankyou!
Very much appreciated so much!

K then, rest will have to wait til tomorro, as i’m losing concentration now lol….
take care trippaz!

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