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My name is dimarie, / My art enterprise is called ‘dimarie designs’ and I’m also the artist behind Darkened Mystery Artworks / * © All...

Whats been happening...

Havnt gotten round to being on here much past few days, Real lifes gotta get lived too lol.
Anywayz…whats been happening…
Before we travelled out to Inverloch over the weekend (few hours drive) for my sisters baby shower and housewarming…

I did have a quick look here at the bubble and had a pleasant surprise!
My piece Elegant Transcendance
was on the Home Page yestersday! Cool!
I took a quick screen shot before I ran out the door :)

Other Art newz…

Amphibia Bubblemania was featured in the Live Love Dream group 4 days ago… They have new featured art up now tho, and its no longer up there…but it was for a few days lol…

Star Slither Two is featured in the Reptiles and Amphibians group….
Ooh, I made a couple of sales the other day too!

That made my day!
So a BIG Thankyou to Apostle and Georgiegirl! And also the anonymous buyer who bought my unicorn tee…I dont know who you are, but I apprecaite your support and THANX!!
I appreciate it more than words can say! :)
(Apostle and Georgiegirl I know I sent the both of you a thanx bm but I thought you also deserved a mention here!)

What else….
I designed a boot for the Doc Martin comp!
well, two…
purrple pussy boot
space bubbles boot
Been meaning to since i became aware of it, but everything kept getting higher prioirity lol, but here they are, if ya like them, vote for them!
It doesnt really matter tho, as the whole thing ends in a month, so I’ll be very surprised if they move ranking at all!
But it was cool to see what they looked like on a boot template!
check it out! you know you want to yea
While you’re there, go vote for Hahpistuffs design too! here

And last but not least, have a collaboration entry up on my blog, all about the joys of collaborating lol, if your interested, go check that out too!
dimarie designs

Apart from other mundane things like, all the works in progress I have here thats pretty much it for art news on this front.

Will be heaps busy in the coming days so i wont be here much , so forgive me for all my late replies and all that jazz…. but i always drop in, check how yous are doin, and when I’m done with all I’m doin, I’ll spend a little more time here on the big red bubble…

Take care Trippaz!
Keep creating!

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