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phone companies...

our phone company are being bastards…my housemate is on the phone (mobile) to them right now because they have disconnected the phone…i’m not even sure how the internet is still on?
anyway, they are trying to tell us that we dont live where we live? WTF??
complete incompetance…
fkn hate them…
so just incase the internet is disconnected soon, if i appear to of dissapeared for a few days, that will be why…
will keep you all posted on whats going on
provided i can of course!
fkn optus….

on a side note, the phone is no longer thru my name because optus tried to screw me over hundreds of dollars two years ago and i had to get the ombudsman involved, and they voted in my favour and optus had to apologise and send me a refund cheque…
so now i will not deal with them, but unfortunately my internet connection is thru them…so now the phone is in my housemates name….
and now they are trying to screw us over again….
sorry for the colourful language…I’m just really annoyed!
fkn optus.

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