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RIP my child...today is your birthday

Ashleigh was my first baby.
unfortunately we lost him before he was born.

today would of been Ashleighs birthday.
If we hadnt of lost him, he would of been born n the 26th may.
years ago today.


Ash was such a fighter!
He really hung in there for as long as he could.
Everyone kept saying to me that we would probably lose him, with all the blood i kept losing, with all the pain, but still my belly kept growing, in the ultrasounds, i could see his little fingers moving
he was such a fighter
right until the end

he fought for so long that my doctor started getting hope…

but we still lost him…

I’m dealing better about it than last year, and the year before…
but i still cant not cry..

I am so so happy i have zafyre, my daughter, she is so special!
I like to think that everything happens for a reason, i try to tell myself that so i can deal better.
If ashleigh hadnt of died, then zafyre would not be here.
I think Ashleigh made the ultimate sacrifice so his sister could be here, because y’see i got pregnant with zafyre only a few months after losin my ash, and so if ashleigh had of made it, my little girl wouldnt be here, and she is my world!

every year i light a candle for my little ash, tell him mummy and daddy and zafyre love him very much, have a cry, and then its a new day…

i like to believe that he is somewhere safe, better than here, somewhere where he is surrounded by love, and can look down on us, his family who will never ever forget him and know that we love him so much.

RIP my little bubba, mummy will always remember you xoxox

(this is my painting i did for him)


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