Where's Luisa?? Travelling around the world and winning silver medals!

Time to touch base with all of my RB friends again! I have missed you all!
3 months away from RedBubble, and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the floods of messages in my inbox when I logged on this morning!

“Where are you??”………that’s what most of your messages said!

I have been so busy working on projects and travelling that I didn’t even realise that three months have gone by. Lots and lots of fashion projects and events here in Melbourne have kept me busy, once I made the decision to take my business in this direction.

2 Silver AIPP Awards in the wedding album category managed to put big smiles on my face too!

I then had the wonderful opportunity to travel through Vietnam, photographing and experiencing the amazing people and their culture.

After that, it was off to Paris…….which turned out to be a longer stay than I had anticipated…..but who’s complaining?? :))

And then back home to my beautiful Italy for the summer……….it was so, so wonderful to be home again! I managed to squeeze in a few shoots and a wedding while I was there too!

And then came the decision…..to stay or to leave again? And after many discussions late into the night, we made the decision to return to Melbourne for another year or so.

So I have just flown back and have jumped straight back into the craziness of it all! I am currently preparing for Melbourne Fashion Week……I will be the official photographer for the Primavera Event. Other projects in the pipeline include Harpers Bazaar, Project Runway, and more! Very, very exciting!

So I will log into RB as often as I can to catch up with you all and see the great work that you are putting out there…..as well as share with you some of my own projects.

I hope everyone is well and that you are making your own dreams come true. Only you have the power to do that……..:)
Much love,
Luisa xxx

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