Ghostly Hitchhiker

It was a dark night in the canyon. Rain fell in heavy gusts, making driving difficult. The headlights of a lone car pierced the thickness. A couple was driving along, trying to navigate in the torrential storm. The woman in the car sat staring out at the dark shapes of the trees that lined the road, helping her husband watch against the unknown dangers of the twisting trail. “Edna, this place gives me the creeps.” said the man as a slight shiver ran through his body. “Oh John, stop being so dramatic. We’ll be out of this canyon soon enough. Then it will be a straight and narrow highway the rest of the way.”

As the car rounded a bend the headlights picked up something… a figure… a young girl…waving wildly from the side of the road. “John, there’s a girl up ahead. What in heaven’s name, is she doing all the way out here, on a night like this?” As John slowed the car and came to a halt, the beam of the headlights illuminated the girl. She had long dark hair, as black as the night and a very pale face, so pale you would swear it was white. She stood there staring for a moment, her miraculously dry hair wafting in the wind around her drenched body. She came frantically over to the car, a thankful smile on her face, but there was a look in her black piercing eyes that didn’t quite seem to match her expression. She wore a pale grey dress that reached her ankles and the hem gently swept at her bare feet. In her hands she clutched a small bundle of flowers and they too where mysteriously dry and colorless. Daisies they seemed to be, but then again you could not be sure.

“Need a ride?” John shouted from the car window, to be heard above the roar of the wind and rain. The girl said nothing. She simply nodded her head and got into the backseat. She sat there silently for the next few minutes, as the car started to drive away. Not once did she look up but she never stopped counting the petals on each flower. ”May I ask what you are doing out here?” inquired Edna with somewhat of a suspicious tone. The girl said nothing, instead a single tear rolled down her cheek to come to rest on the petal of one of the flowers. This, though, was no ordinary tear. It was red, blood red. Soon the tear started to spread its color, from the flowers, then to the car seat, then to the clothes of Edna and John, until everything but the girl was bathed in a red liquid.

Edna gasped and began to look frightened. In a panic she raved at the girl, “Who are you? What is your name? What are you doing?” As she spoke Edna got louder and more high pitched, the terror was becoming more and more evident in her voice. For a usually level-headed woman like herself this was very uncommon and caused her husband to glance a confused expression her way. John, being the absent minded man he was, was completely oblivious to what had happened to him already. It was not until he glanced at his wife that he realized that something strange was happening.

As Edna continued ranting, the girl started to sing a gentle, lulling tune that seemed to trickle and flow from her, now ruby red, lips. A mysterious smirk was creeping across her face and she looked up, only to see Edna staring at her in utter astonishment and fear. Their gaze met and there was a dangerous twinkle in the girl’s eyes, now more evident than ever before. Unable to control herself, Edna turned around in her seat and lurched backward to reach the girl, trying to stop whatever trance and dark magic was going on. She was dead before she had the chance to even touch the girl.

Meanwhile, John had begun dozing off at the wheel, due to the strange song the girl had sung, and kept singing. He mumbled something to what he though was his, still alive and listening, wife. “I…don’t…like…one bit…” John yawned as he turned a sharp bend, barley keeping the car on the road. “Something…not…righ…”The girl started laughing wickedly to herself in the back seat as John, finally sleeping deeply, veered of the road and down a steep part of the canyon. The girl made a evil, shrill, almost ear-piercing scream that echoed into the darkness, as they careered into the abyss.

Ghostly Hitchhiker


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Everyone knows that summer is storm season and given some of the recent storms, I decided to write a story about it. Something with a twist. The inspiration actually came when I was out in the car in the middle of a storm and it got my mind thinking that this could be a really interesting scene for a story. Well, I hope you like it. Feel free to comment.


storm rain

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