Why I joined Red Bubble

I opened this account as a service to my international customers. I have gathered from reading many of the blogs on the subject – sales can be a dirty word – many artists are here mainly for the support, the community, the encouragement the friendships, the contact with other artists, whatever – and that is great!

I like comments as well as anybody – and I will always try to answer any comments I receive on my images. I spend a lot of time commenting on other websites – I just can’t do it here to the degree that I would like. Sorry.

I have an online gallery at PBase

I am a co-owner of a digital art list Creative Matrix

and I participate on several other digital art lists:

Digital Fine Art

Digital Nuts


Paint Outside The Frame

That’s a LOT of commenting!

I have a 24" Epson printer (Stylus Pro 7800) and I can print on all kinds of paper and canvas. I sell my work from my studio and sometimes local galleries.

Mailing anything out of Panama is a real hassle. A small envelope with a few documents costs about $30 (US) to send to the US via courier. I cannot even imagine how much a large mounted or framed print would cost. The alternative is the Panamanian mail system – which may or may not deliver it -and if it does it could take weeks (or more) to arrive.

Seems odd that I would send a customer from – say Miami – to Australia to buy a print of mine – but that’s the reality of the postal system in a third world country.

I may not sell anything – but at least I can offer that option and it looks good on my business card.

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