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Istanbul, Turkey

Photographer Artist and EFL Instructor, Zoe Marlowe, I have completed my Doctorate in Education (EdD), also I hold an MA in TESOL, an MS...

Multiple Featurings - Thanks so much!

I’ve been very lax in thanking the different groups for some features lately, and some are pretty out-of-date, but that’s not important. I just wanted to thank the groups anyway, so here goes:

Tonight I learned of this card that was featured in A Place To Call Home Group… Thank you!

Recently, Mittens the cute kitten was featured in more than one group, Country Bumpkin group, and Paws and Claws group…Thank You!

Snow Savior was just recently featured in A Place To Call Home Group… Thank you!

Another of the cute Mittens got featured twice recently as well: Paws and Claws group, and Cats and Dogs group…thanks so much!

And, last but not least, my cute woodshed visitor, Cyril the Squirrel was featured a little while ago in Backyard Photography group…belated thanks!!

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