Patrice Baldwin

Tucson, United States

I am from California and have lived in Mexico, China, Japan and England while studying various aspects of art and craft. I published...

"Desert Rocks" - colorful stacks of Arizona rocks. Framed Print $93.34
Untitled iPhone Case/Skin $25.00
"Golden Bowl" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Contention Over the Wash" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Sunny Beach"  Art Print $25.66
"The Universe" Art Print $19.06
"Waiting for War" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Ghost Forest" Art Print $25.66
"Space Battle"  Art Print $25.66
"Busy River"  Art Print $25.66
"Golden Trees"  Art Print $25.66
"Royal Barge" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Big Rock Candy Mountain" Art Print $25.66
"Blending Waters"  - The streams down the mountains. Art Print $25.66
"Battle Ready"  Framed Print $80.00
"Autumn"  Art Print $25.66
"Seed Pods"  - Abstract realism Art Print $25.66
"White Forest" Art Print $25.66
"Dawn Travelers"  Art Print $25.66
"Night Light"  Art Print $25.66
"Sometimes Vivid" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Dancer 5" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Blue Hills"  Art Print $25.66
"Out In The Barn" - Abstract Acrylic Block $25.00
"Concentrate" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Treasure Map" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Snake River" Art Print $25.66
"Treasured Cache" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Intense Complexities" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Four at the Shore" Art Print $25.66
"Sunrise" - Morning colors over the city. Art Print $25.66
"Sweet Spring" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Receding Mirage" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Deep Observation" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Far Away City"  Throw Pillow $20.00
"Mountain View" Art Print $25.66
"Pain"  Art Print $21.00
"Sign of the Theory" - Abstract Art Print $25.66
"Dragon Hills" Art Print $25.66
"Water and Sand" - Wind swept sand dunes. Art Print $25.66
"Heaven's Gate" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Vital Principle"  Art Print $21.00
"Negotiation" Acrylic Block $25.00
"The Dove" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Waiting" Art Print $25.66
"Winter Estuary"  Art Print $25.66
"Shining River"  Art Print $25.66
"Moon Over Planet X" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Small Bouquet" - Abstract realism Art Print $25.66
"Delightful Amusements" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Spring Flowers" Art Print $25.66
"Intense Simplicity" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Two Japanese Ladies" Acrylic Block $25.00
"A Grain of Boldness" Acrylic Block $25.00
"XK" Framed Print $93.34
"Mountains to the Sea"  Art Print $25.66
"White Vase"  Art Print $25.66
"Endless Forest" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Desert Sunset"  - Arizona desert hills. Art Print $25.66
"Late Snow"  Art Print $25.66
"Bits and Pieces" Art Print $25.66
"Orchids" Art Print $25.66
"Flood Waters"  Art Print $25.66
"Shining River" - The Best of Everything & Anything Art Print $25.66
"Doubt and Uncertainty" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Royal Diadem" Throw Pillow $20.00
Adventure Club Acrylic Block $25.00
"Swiftly"  Art Print $25.66
"Hidden Hills"  - The secret hills deep in Idaho. Art Print $25.66
"Third Level Ascention" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Moon Shrimp" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Alaskan Spring" - The snow is receding and the valleys are greening. Art Print $25.66
"Chance Encounter" Art Print $25.66
"Best Kept Secrets" Art Print $18.33
"Little Elaboration is Necessary" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Galaxies" Art Print $25.66
"Radient Swimmers" - Rising to the top to the sun Art Print $25.66
"Celebration" - First prize for flower arranging. Art Print $27.50
"Circles" Art Print $25.66
"Sweet Innocence" Acrylic Block $25.00
"City Living"  Art Print $25.66
"Sandy Beach" - Beach scene. Art Print $25.66
"The Royal Chapeau" Art Print $25.66
"Second Sight" Art Print $25.66
"Marbled Wall" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Fish Tail"  Art Print $25.66
"Unforseeable Outcome" Throw Pillow $20.00
"At Home with the Children" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Northern Estuary"  Art Print $25.66
"The Big Bang" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Spring Sprang" Throw Pillow $20.00
"In the Barn" Acrylic Block $25.00
"Teddy Bear" Art Print $25.66
"Garden Wall" Throw Pillow $20.00
"Hidden Riches" Throw Pillow $20.00
"An Unchangeable Certainty" Throw Pillow $20.00
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