Patrice Baldwin

Tucson, United States

I am from California and have lived in Mexico, China, Japan and England while studying various aspects of art and craft. I published...

I'd like to say something about TITLES...

This is specifically in reference to Abstract work, but applies equally to giving a name to all kinds of artistic endeavors.

An Abstract work shouldn’t need a title. However everyone seems to want one anyhow. I favor titles that don’t make any sense or connection with the picture, for how can you title a picture of nothing… that is, no-thing.
On the other hand, it’s redundant to put ‘Abstract’ (we can see that) ‘Blue Squares’ (we can see that also). Don’t describe the abstract, ‘Circles with wiggly lines on top of a mysterious box’ (we can see that too). Don’t point out a special area or central item. If you can’t get the idea over with your artwork, the title will only confuse the issue.
Let’s be very thoughtful with our titles. Remember, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Patrice Baldwin

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