iPhone Cases Full Of Win

For years I have been waiting for printing on phone cases and have previously had to go elsewhere. Thanks to the addition of iPhone cases artists can upload anything onto their own phone and run wild!…

I purchase an Uncommon iPhone case over a year ago well before RB had them on offer of course and the quality is superb. What impressed me most is the subtle indented ‘uncommon’ branding on the case and the thin rubber interior pads to protect the actual phone. The cases fit so snug over the phone and are quite sturdy.

I’m sure a year on their product has only gotten better and I personally can’t wait until someone sends me a pic of one of my artworks on their phone.

So far I have only put a few up for now – but if there is another design you want let me know and I will make the background c

Google Image Search Finds Stolen Images!

Well, here’s a new tool that will no doubt become quite handy in finding some art thieves online. Personally, if someone has gone to the trouble of stealing my artwork to try and make a profit I tend to not bother worrying about it as I am focusing on my next endeavor. Life’s too short to chase thieves.…

HOWEVER, there are a lot that would like to chase down evil-doers – so today, Google have launched an actual Image Search by using any image. Here’s how you check if your Redbubble artwork (or any of your work) is being used elsewhere without your permission.

1. Head to Google Image Search
2. Drag an image from your computer desktop (or a Redbubble thumbnail – smaller is quicker) into Google Image Search bar.
3. You’re all done!

Beetles On Abbey Road T-Shirt

Google will check to see what we

When a design goes viral...

I’ve been waiting….…

Sometimes you don’t know which design will win hearts. Sometimes you just have to design it to see if others enjoy it as much as you do. Then occasionally, a lot of people seem rather interested in your design…

I was alerted by my Twitter search that Insanely Gaming shared my design (and even included the link back to the shirt – thanks mate!).

It’s so nice when one person shares your design – but incredibly awesome when hundreds do…(this image is the lowest quality I could make it)

Now I didn’t just put this up to celebrate myself, I wanted to point a few things out.

1. Many views does not always equate to many sales. (I haven’t sold many of these designs yet)

2. Low sales aren’t an issue if 1000+ people have seen/shared your work. The network effect by your name be

Selling, Without Selling Out

To most people, selling your art usually means spamming everyone in your friends list to buy, buy, buy! But very often, that can have a terrible effect on your network and social connections. Here are 5 tips I have learnt of how to effectively sell, without selling out.…

1. Don’t Share More Than Twice a Week

If you share your art through Facebook, Twitter and more, be careful how often you do it. If you do it too much, it will feel like bombardment to your friends, and often they will hide/unfollow you because of this. Naturally, by doing this they will never see your updates from that point on (unless they visit your page directly) – which is definitely not good for business or your social connection!

2. Spread Your Net Further

If you are only sharing it through a few social networks,

The Power of Redbubble

Recently I was searching for a 503 cartoon for -…

Previous journal:

Well, let me just say a simple thing goes a long way.

Andy Bauer (Art By Andy) added me to his watchlist about the same time I was looking for someone to do this design. He had a cool cartoon profile pic, which intrigued me so I checked out his profile. After I liked what I saw I sent him a Bubblemail with the proposal and he was keen.

Within a week or two we had locked in the final design and sorted out payment.

Now that’s the power of Redbubble!

Never underestimate adding someone to a watchlist or dropping a comment on their page – you never know, it might lead to a paid gig.

Note: We will be using Andy for many Barkle

Awesome Sauce 503 - Can you draw?

EDIT: We found someone! The incredibly talented Andy Bauer (Art By Andy) – Check the journal and see the new image here!

Hi peeps! Hope all is well with you!

As I have mentioned, I am currently building – A place to share your opinions and earn rewards (with a strong focus on fun visuals).

The website is still being built, however in approx 1-2 months we will release the closed Beta, with only 100 people able to test the website (26 places left).

However, today I ask for something a bit different; A really cool 503 page image – similar in fun to the Twitter Fail Whale and the recent Tumblr page (

Barkles is based around the theme of dogs, with elements such as Barks, Bites, Bones and

Theft is disgusting


I received an email back from one of the Red Eye crew. While I will not share their response here, they did mention they received the design on a usb key. There are a million and one things I could say about this but I will leave those thoughts up to you.

I have been alerted about a recent bought of design theft in a shop in Dublin. It isn’t just my design however, there are a lot of designs that have been stolen including Chris Wahl’s brilliant Chewie and Han shirt.

EDIT #2: No more needs to be said on the matter.

Heavily Increased Sales

I have noticed since Redbuble modified the Gallery to be called and displayed as Shop that my sales have gone up – almost doubling last months previous sales.

I think the main reason is the language and ‘direction’ given to the consumer – as at a Gallery anyone who wants to buy ‘artwork’ will consider it, scratch their heads etc – but when it’s called a shop, you know what you are doing there.

I think this overhaul has done RB a massive justice and I would love to see their behind the scenes stats to see if the sales are increasing across the board.

Great work RB,


Model T-Shirt Display Images

While the cartoon T-shirt display does look good, it would be fantastic if Redbubble could trial the Model T-Shirt Display Images – Basically taking a photo of one guy + girl in slightly different poses (each pose represents 1 t-shirt colour) and using that as our display images.…

I noticed that in the shop ( there is a photo of a guy wearing a blue shirt but when you see the shop its all cartoon style, which I feel lets down the sales.

While I understand the depth and effort this would take (and also that the preview on the sales page is an actual printed shirt), it will be worth it in the end as ‘realistic’ mock-ups tend to sell better – As the saying goes, “The more I can see it, the more I can believe it, and the more I want it”.

View the image i

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