My festive season wishes....

To all who have made my year amazing from the friends I have met to the sales that continue to flow, I want to thank you so much!…

I have learnt so much from this community, grown as a person and continue to reap rewards due to the amazing power of Redbubble as a marketing tool.

Thank you to the office folk behind RB, you know who you are as I have met most of you, thank you for taking the time to chat to me, to ask me questions and in general just being awesome.

To my close friends/collaborators I wish you all the best, and some of you I may keep in contact with on Facebook or on my venture Freelancer Unplugged – Thank you so much for continuing the friendship, helping me grow and keeping my dreams alive.

To the unknown people who continue to buy my tshirts almost daily, I thank you from

Moving house

hey all,

Im moving house this weekend so just thought i would let you know in case anyone tries to contact me on here (as I wont have internet)


take care,


"Death Speak" no more.

Now I know the title may seem a little full on but I feel like sharing my 2 cents with the world, and this topic is very close to my heart.…

As a designer (and this note isn’t only for designers), I often visit forums, participate in conversations that discuss a new trend, new way of doing things. 9 times out of 10 the conversation leads to a negative viewpoint and an attack on the new product for taking a new approach at their chosen field.

For example, recently a few logo design websites have come to my attention. These websites are designed for ANYONE to get on board, create mock logos and sell them to potential clients. Essentially you are creating a brand identity for clients to pick from, thus saving them time and often money.

Now you can imagine the constant uproar from seasoned des

Asian rip-off

hehehe, I must say im pretty stoked to have been ripped off. It means one of my designs were good enough to be ripped u know?…

Read this journal entry by ‘bites’

And you will see the ripped off version of my Music Head design with a CD in ‘morfs’ mouth instead of piano keys – damn, why didnt I think of that!



Now most people I know would be pissed off or a little annoyed, but not me. I couldn’t care less. Instead I’m on to bigger and better things each day and I don’t fuss over little things like that.

And besides, if every one of my designs got ripped off and redone, eventually people are going to link it back to me. Just like Bites has done.

Designers – take note – THINK DIFFERENTLY.

Have a good w

Raw Human, new brand because I can

Hey all.

I had some spare time and was inspired by my girl (Flic Manning) and her constant growth as a rock singer – it’s what she’s aiming for like seriously.

So anyways, without changing my style on my page, I created RAW HUMAN – a brand which is designed for the rock chick/guy.

It’s not a technical brand, just simply mad stock photos, grungified, put through the mincer and smashed onto a page.


There may me more designs…but there may not be. Who knows.

Check out some of the designs, enjoy.

Have you ever had an idea you just HAD to share?

Well, in a world first we (Pavel and I) have created Future Eggs (") – a dedicated website designed for hosting your ideas.

On the site, we call these ideas ‘eggs’, and it’s so simple to upload them and rate other peoples ideas.

Something new, and exciting for the web, will be interested to see where it goes from here.

Check it out, upload an idea and tell us what you think!

Melbourne streetwear with Acclaim Mag, Buffet, T-World, Magnation, BKTM,The Lab and more

It has been an awesome couple of nights for Melbourne streetwear with two powerful and influential forums/talks taking place on consecutive days. I have been very fortunate to meet many of the speakers involved at the two events face to face and have also begun to get to know these amazing people on a friend basis. The two events I am talking about are Busting Down The Door – Contemporary Streetwear in Australia presented by Magazine and T-Shirt Culture with Eddie Zammit hosted by on their Third Floor.


Are your ears being fed?

Well, seeing as the bubble is aimed at our eyes, make sure your ears get some attention every now and then too. Maybe you should check out our latest tune. Listen by clicking on the image :D

Become a Famous Designer: The Mega List

I am currently compiling a list of design resources to help out anyone who is wanting to become ‘famous’ in photography, graphics,illustration etc. IMHO If you want to become a famous designer in your chosen field you need to have the basics down pat and there is some great advice on the net – so I have hunted around for the best advice I could get.

This ever-growing MEGA LIST will be home to many of the amazing posts from around the world all about becoming a famous designer. You will find posts about becoming a famous designer in the fields of photography, graphics, illustration, fashion, print and many other avenues.

Go check out some of the links!

30 Cool and Random Vector Characters

Wow. This list took ages to get. CHECK TO SEE IF YOU HAVE BEEN FEATURED!

By the way, there were some other awesome designs on RB I wanted to feature but they had turned the CLEAR.GIF on and so I chose not to get those images. So if I didnt pick yours, its most likely because you had that feature on.


QUESTION: Is design simplicity king?

In the days of the first posts on the internet, simplicity was the only way. As time passed the world caught on to the technology and communication that was viable via the internet. With this came an abundant amount of web designers, coders and bloggers all vying to get their piece of the action seen by thousands. With millions of widgets, free website themes and stock images available to almost anyone, why are some of the most popular sites in the world so simple? Is it because we respond better to simplicity?

Websites like,, and even have extremely simple designs, usually focusing on two colours and letting the content speak for itself. Today, we will take a look at Twitter, the very popular ’status updating’ service.


Redbubble: Power of Community

I have written a new blog on Redbubble – here is a excerpt: is the website that I can confidently say has won my heart. I know it sounds cheesy, but through this website I have made a huge amount of friends, contacts and drawn a lot of inspiration. But one of the things I want to draw your attention to is the power of their community.

Read more here

The power of Twitter

If this post doesnt inspire you to get on board, I dont know what will.…

So, most of you reading my journals would know that i have started up as a design resource for freebies, tutorials, inspiration and even interviews.

Now this blog was created for three main reasons:

1. I love design and finding great inspiration from the net.
2. Might bring some extra exposure to myself as a a designer, my work on redbubble and others who get on board – (
3. It may make some extra money on the side with ads to pay for the time to keep designing.

Well, I posted an article about ABDUZEEDO ( and I have set it up to automatically ‘tweet’ to my twitter page (

Two big FREE t-shirt events in Melbourne!

First one is on the Monday Night:

Busting Down The Door
Contemporary Streetwear in Australia

Speakers: Rafael Rashid (Blank TM); Hayley Mei (Hayley Mei Jewellery); David Fraser (Sidelife Distribution/ The Lab); Anthony Costa (Com Raid); with more speakers TBA.
When: 6pm – 8pm, Monday 31st August 2009
Where: No Vacancy Gallery
191 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne 3000
(near corner of Russell st)

Cheap beer and wine will be available on the night.

Email your full details including mobile number to to reserve tickets. An email confirmation will be sent to you.

Second one is on TUESDAY night with someone I have gotten to know quite well, and he runs the T-World magazine, Mr Eddie Zammit.

I love being busy!

Hey peeps!…


It’s true, but your already knew that about me. As you can tell I am always doing something, and lately have held back a bit on putting it all on the bub. The only reason I haven’t put all of it up is because I know you probably see my name pop up in the daily activity all the frikkn time and it gets annoying after a while (for some people!)

So here is a behind the scenes update on what I am CURRENTLY involved in for clients/myself in one big list. Oooh multitasking!

WEBSITES (not my own)
-Maintaining one (general updates)
-Creating two new ones (Events and also a Net Label)

-Logo for a boat
-Designs for DLC
-Album/Merch artwork for Damien Fernandez
-Web Art for both the new websites (Banners, adverts etc)
-Filling in templates for (my artwork)

The Power of the Net: Space Coyote Inspiration

So, you’ve never heard of Space Coyote? Well….I only know a few things, but enough to be blown away at the power of the internet.…


So, you’re sitting there designing as you always do. You decided that it would be cool and humorous to draw the Simpsons as Manga type characters, and so, you get to work. A little while later after putting all the characters into the lounge room, you sit back, admire your work and pop it up on the internet so some of your friends can see it.

Then….almost overnight, you become famous.

Ok, so this is a totally mocked up story but pretty darn close to what really happened for Space Coyote….and now, after going from ‘nothing’ to something she has also managed to WIN an EISNER AWARD (A big award for American Comic Books) for her work

The results of the t-shirt poll (ongoing debate)

Ok, wow. I didn’t expect so many comments on the post from so many people. Thanks for everyone getting involved on voting and putting in your input. I know RBHQ really appreciates user feedback.…

Now from what I got from the previous journal, number 1 was a clear winner. Most people are happy to have an illustration representing their t-shirt.
As some people mentioned, it:

Stood unique from other t-shirt sites
Looked fun and fresh
Would not date as time goes on

But another thing I got from the previous post was that the fabric background was not totally liked, I would say more disliked then liked. Reasons:

Too busy for redbubble’s current clean layout
Would date quickly
Looked slightly tacky

So here is an EXAMPLE of the option that pleases most commentators based on the findings ab

Redbubble has heard our plea! THE TSHIRT DISPLAY POLL

Here we go peeps, redbubble listened to the amazing bunch of t-shirt designers -


Now heres the question:

Again, redbubble has done a fantastic job of creating a new and improved mock-up of the tshirt and design. But what are your thoughts?

Would you like this to be the new tshirt display?

OR something like this?

Your thoughts and opinions – BE HONEST -

1 or 2

(Keep in mind while I did mock up the second option I would be happy with either vs the current display. LETS KEEP THIS POLL FRIENDLY)

Please also ignore the slightly blurred larger image in example 2.





For about 8 months I have been hoping the basic t-shirt display would change, but with so much going on around the bubble it has been put to the back shelf.

I would like to see this change happen asap as t-shirts are the highest selling item on the bubble.

*1. Make the t-shirt previews appear overlayed on real t-shirts


2. At least update the current t-shirt display to a DARKER outlined t-shirt.*

The reason for all of this? Well, t-shirts designs on the net are more appealing when they are presented (mocked-up) on REAL t-shirts. This would INCREASE sales in my opinion or at least improve overall presentation and keep a few people very happy for a while!



I had the site down for TWO days while I redid everything!

It was crazy, I dont like having things offline for a long time so I created this cool little splash page which is still active now and then redesigned the WHOLE website.

Some of the new features….

It’s Black. Yep. Thats a feature.
The “Block Bunnies” are now featured all over the site…more to come from them!
The shirt previews are now larger, and more of them on each page!
The large shirt previews are HUGGGEEEE so its easier to get an idea of the shirt size.

Of course, all the t-shirts link back to each individual BUY page for redbubble so I am still staying true to this great place.

Anyways, check it out if you like!


If (and only if) you are a fan of my work then please login and vote for my latest competition entry SPACEMAN – -If I win it will mean I can start screen printing one of my designs, which means I can get into stores, which means I can get more publicity and then be able to afford to give out MORE FREEBIES!

Let me know when you’ve done it so I can put you on my ‘cool’ list!

Here is what the design looks like on the tee -

Friday 10th REDBUBBLE Meet Up at Miss Libertine

It was only about 5:30pm that I remembered the plans to meet up with everyone at Miss Libertine for the “Melbourne Friday Meet-ups”.…

I thought to myself: Should I go home, get in front of the heater and work on a new design…or should I head out to the club, brave the cold and meet everyone? After a couple of seconds I realised the better choice was to mingle amongst the amazing people of Redbubble, including some of the “behind the scenes” people to pick their brains!

What a smart choice it was to head out and meet everyone. I met up with a lot of bubblers that regularly comment on my work, many of which I have reciprocated based on their great talents and also got to chat to Jo O’Brien, Natalie Tyler and Rhana Griffin – some of the awesome people who sort out the back end of the ‘Bub’.



I want to take a second out of design time and uploading t-shirts to explain to YOU in the most simplest of ways how AMAZING Redbubble is. This post will hopefully inspire you to become involved in many ways within this amazing website.…

I’m going to try something a bit different and write the rest of this post about my day on redbubble, with a SLANG theme…just to show you that these are my thoughts and words and I mean them very much and also because it’s a lot of fun!

Redbubble = Sik. Like totally.

I mean like you hop on the net, pop open the homepage and check out some awesome art and stuff. There’s pics of people wearing some shirts and holding some art, new IN-YOUR-FACE designs, GROUPS overloading with creativity and a cool COMMUNITY. That’s what keeps me here; the COMMUNITY I mean.

Wallpapers are sexy....

Yes, it is true. They are so sexy! They make you feel inspired to get working on a project and help you kickback when you need to.

So why not download some Diesel Laws wallpapers to spruce up your desktop!

Nearly every time a new t-shirt is uploaded to a new 1440 × 900 wallpaper is added along with it, completely free!

So head to and click on your favourite shirts, and you may be able to get a wallpaper!

Some of the current wallpapers available are:


Want to be updated when I add a new shirt/wallpaper to the website?

Get the RSS Feed:


Top 3 Tips to Design Success!

Over the last couple of weeks I have had direct contact from fans and friends asking me personally if I could give them any tips on starting and becoming successful in design.…

While I did enjoy giving them tips and links to various groups that could also help them I also realised that so many people could benefit from these tips.

Before I give you my top 3 tips, remember that success is defined individually, and there is never just one way to get ‘there’.

Whether you are a new designer or have been designing for years I am assuming that you would have a basic idea that constantly working at one thing will most likely get you there faster, or at least equip you with a lot of knowledge in that field.

For the last 10 months I have been working on the Diesel Laws brand

MILESTONE: Over 200 Diesel Laws shirts sold!

Wow. Thank you for the continued support which pushes me further everyday. Thank you Redbubble for your amazing platform.


Over 35 “Beetles on Abbey Road” shirts sold to date!

Over 25 “Darth Vader Rocks” shirts sold to date!

Over 15 “Music Head” shirts sold to date!

Thank you again for making this business such an enjoyable experience.


Diesel Laws

Add Diesel Laws:

You are witnessing a historic move for Redbubble...

Make no doubts about it, you are witnessing history. To my knowledge, Diesel Laws is the first brand label to be created on Redbubble and then successfully exist in the real world. READ ON…..…

Well yes, it has been a while since I have talked to you about Diesel Laws new direction – unless you managed to get a copy of the Diesel Laws Monthly second edition , and to be honest, I did not expect this much positivity and enthusiasm from great bubblers commenting on the designs.

If you didn’t know, the new direction was a MUSIC/AUDIO VISUAL path only, so all designs from Diesel Laws will fall into that category from now on. I must say, I have been dabbling in a lot more photo manipulation work lately (LISTENING , SILENT AUDIO and HEAD SPACE ) and I thank you all for the positive comments and c

T-WORLD 05 Launch Party - Dayam Impressive!

Seriously, if I had to sum up the amount of effort put into the T-WORLD Lauch Party I would be undercutting it every single time! Everything was top notch, the displays, print-outs, ads, freebies and the people! It was my first launch of a T-shirt journal ever, and I was so impressed I HAD to blog about it.…

So, Flic and I were shown the poster for the T-WORLD gig through a great friend and we decided to go. We took the Diesel Laws brand with us, wearing our shirts and printing out little mini business cards for the event (why the heck not?).

Upon arrival we were greeted to this awesome multicolored array of advertising and information about the t-shirt community (a small snapshot, but solid to say the least). As well as the awesome billboards of info, there were t-shirts hung from the roo

Choose the FIRST 'street' printed Diesel Laws T-Shirt!

Hey party people!…

Some massive news for the Diesel Laws brand, which involves you!

The brand is about to make its way from the internet to the streets, but we want to make sure this brand delivers what YOU want.

TWO WEEKS from now we are going to choose the FIRST design to be printed on a large scale and put forward to retail shops.

To make sure we print what you want, please visit our website – – and select your two favorite shirts that you would want to see in a retail store. Once you have the names of the t-shirts you like, drop a comment in the Diesel Laws Design group – – with the names of your two favorite shirts!

Tell your friends too, the more people that know of this big news, the more shir

Cute characters invade...

Hey all!

So last night I was designing and I managed to make some of the cutest characters I have ever created – so I uploaded them to a t-shirt competition website! So if you want to wear this t-shirt with the coolest characters all you have to do is VOTE for it to win!


Thank you groovy fans,

Feel free to add a comment also. :)


Want to show off your BRAND?

Yes you! If you have a brand for your line of clothing and wanting to display it then join the group BRANDED – It’s time to get REDBUBBLE designers the attention that they deserve and show everyone that our brands reach the worldwide marketplace!

Just please keep in mind the group guidelines, your design MUST display clear branding whether it is a signature t-shirt (with your brands name as the art) or a design with your logo displayed clearly on/next to/under it.


Thanks to BELMONT STREET WEAR for hosting and asking me to be a part of this.

Featured at

Woohoo! It’s been a massive time for Diesel Laws brand, with a sister brand being setup – fullstop. apparel and also an out of the blue feature on

Check it out when you get a chance guys!

Oh, and just so you know….I have found a part time job mixed in with a few freelance projects so things are looking up. Thanks for the awesome support.


Diesel Laws T-Shirt soon to be in Hollywood Movie!

One of the launch tees for Illus ( designed by Diesel Laws is going to be in the upcoming movie “Carmel” set for release in 2010, starring Hayden Panettiere, Josh Hutcherson, Lauren Bacall, Alfred Molina. Worn by rising star Kean Matthams who plays Hayden’s cousin!

Shirt is printed and ready to sell. Website will be up by the first week in April. If you’re interested in purchasing now, please send a message to Available in Guys and Ladies styles on American Apparel tees for $29.99

Remember, 15% of all of Illus’ profits always go to charity!

A bit of background – I designed this t-shirt for a website (previously called The Neatest) and sent it in, they were going through a name change at the time, and are now releasing this shirt!


Behind the scenes...Sales update.

Hi all,…

I just felt it was right to let you in on the top sellers of Diesel Laws to date. This is to not toot my own horn, but show you that selling t-shirts in this current climate is still possible. I currently sell a shirt every two days, but as of late, it has moved up a bit thanks to the AUDIOBOTS – TRANSFORMERS Tee

The Diesel Laws brand started about 8 months ago and these figures go back to about 4 months ago. Just so you are aware, I uploaded ‘Darth Vader Rocks’ a while ago, then removed it, and have only just put it back up again – so those sales are not from the last two days lol.

I will talk more about how to get continuous sales in another journal entry, but for now, here are the top earners.

Darth Vader Rocks 24 (T-shirts sold)
Beetles on Abbey Road 18 (T-sh

OMG - Major DELETE! Only 4 days!

Ok, this is pretty big news! I know some of you are in the process of thinking about getting some new Diesel Laws tees, but just so you are aware, any NON MUSIC/AUDIO VISUAL RELATED T-SHIRTS will be deleted in 4 days time!

If you want to see all the t-shirts that are for sale then head to THIS LINK and view them all! There are currently 65 t-shirts for sale, which in 4 days time, will be reduced to about 15!


Don’t miss out on getting a tee!

Do you want to receive cool stuff?

HELLLLO Once again!

Due to the major update of I am currently in the process of sending out the DIESEL LAWS MONTHLY – a simple, yet groovy email newsletter with updates, new designs, focus on other designers etc.

I would love to send it out to other designers and cool people on the bub, so please let me know if you would like to receive the DIESEL LAWS MONTHLY by bubblemailing me your email address.
Don’t worry, your email address will only be used for the DIESEL LAWS MONTHLY and nothing else. You can opt out anytime or just send it straight to your junk mail folder lol.


BETA Update with Ratings...

Hi all,

I have just implemented a BETA version of the website and it now has STAR RATINGS!

So, I need your help, it’s very simple, just head over to the website and click on the amount of stars you think the t-shirts deserve and that’s it! You dont have to sign up or anything!

Why should I do this? Well, if you do this you will be telling me what your favourite designs are and that means I can start making more things tailored towards what you want!

What if I like more than one t-shirt? Well, then just keep clicking!

Thanks for your support!


Fired on your Birthday anyone?

As this post is quite personal, I have left names, and other details out to keep professional. This is not intended to ‘flame’ anyone or to receive sympathy, is intended only as a motivational post to inspire and move some of you towards your dreams faster.

The day of my birthday has arrived. The sun is out as I arrive to work and the people I am working with are cheerful. The store is much quieter with customers on this Thursday, particularly in the retail sector. I go about my day getting birthday wishes from everyone in the shop. I’m feeling great today because my wife has organised for us to go to the Comedy Lounge after work – a surprise gift that has finally been revealed. I am also excited because this Thursday is the last day of the week for me, Friday is a rest day, Saturday nigh

Music Head and Direction Changes...

Hey all (yes, I am talking to you!)…

Wow. I am slightly excited (extremely under-exaggerated) about winning in the Sound Comp (READ MORE HERE)! The music head T-Shirt design has received heaps of comments (much appreciated). We look forward to watching the next step unfold!

So what now for Diesel Laws?

Well, after a lot of discussion with the Business Development Manager Flic Manning, we have decided to take the brand on a more direct route through and alongside the MUSIC.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, as most of our passions lie within music and design, it seems only fitting that our brands be interlinked in as many ways as possible to maintain the creative flow.

So what will happen with Diesel Laws designs?

Well, as you may have noticed, there are over 50 designs on Redbubble from D

Linking the love from inspiration....

This journal was inspired by Natalie Tyler’s post

8 months ago I was a soul searching dreamer trying to answer a mystery that had plagued me for years – How can I link my love for ART, MUSIC and FASHION together without any University or Tafe degree?

The question that seemed impossible to answer intrigued me so much that i set out to conquer it. Today, I can finally say I am on solid ground and walking towards that reality.

Music was always in my heart, and at the best of times I would be humming a new rhythm along to anything. I started making music with very mixed results, but I knew that one day, the melodies I crafted would be heard and loved by many.

After years of creating the sound that is today known as Fixd, I realised that Art was vital to complete the musical experience. Logo

CD Cover Competition Entries and WINNER!

Hi all!…

While there were a few issues for some in terms of copyright I just want to clear the air and say that our intentions are good, and we are only seeking what we need to be able to use/print the images should the need arise. We see this as a simple competition, the winner allowing us to use/print the image in return for:

- Legendary Status on
- Name displayed along with artwork on blogs/websites
- Opportunity to become a Fixd street team Leader
- A FIXD T-shirt
-Mystery prize

I can now reveal that the Mystery prize is a $30 Redbubble Gift Certificate!

So, here are the entries (in no particular order) -

First, a big thank you to all the entrants (jwad, raae, Alice in underland, Grandia, Karis, o0odemocrazyo0o) making a huge effort to be a part of this

The power of music and popularity....

The Beatles will always be known for their amazing and ground breaking contribution to music…and still years on they are extremely popular and continue to grow.…

I have always wanted to design something with the Beatles that stood out against the pack (ignoring this odd attempt) and I now know that I have made it happen with this fun design -

After uploading this design about 1 month ago, it has received:

  • 12 sales
  • 25 favoritings

I am so blown away from the support that design has had, and want to thank everyone who has commented, favourited this work and also kept up with me in this wild ride!

If you have a design based on a band either a Parody or Unique design (no simple band shirts) then feel free to drop a link (no pics) here so others can see them!

Keep designing,

Music Head made the Final Cut!

WOW! Thank you to all who voted for this t-shirt design >

After a long wait and many votes later, this design has made the final cut!

At present there are 20 designs in the final, and the store that will be buying the shirts (DEMO London) will be making their decisions soon!

Make sure you have a look at all the other talented entries that made the final cut out of a total of 400 images or so!

By the way, you can purchase my design (and all the others) on a t-shirt right now, so don’t miss out!

here is the t-shirt link > T-Shirt

and if you want it as a poster, card or framed print – check this out > Print version

Thank you once again to all who took their time and voted, it means a lot.


Diesel Laws

A great find! Brightened up my day!

Hey all! While looking around I recently typed something into the search box that made me smile!

Do this:

Type RAINBOW into the search box and then click on TSHIRTS (or Art) and scroll through some brilliant designs full of life! Seriously, there are some great designs there!

And just so you know, i don’t think I have any designs with the Tag of RAINBOW so this is not a self promotion!

Buyers Booth....

So, I have been fortunate enough to sell over 100 shirts to people from all over the world, but so far there are only a few photos of them up on the buyers booth!

So please, if you have purchased one of my tees please pop up a photo here – and let me know via a quick bubblemail so I can see it!

Take a photo of you wearing the t shirt anywhere, at a festival, in your bathroom, on the washing machine – anywhere!


Looking forward to seeing some!

Here are some examples -

Diesel Laws brand is about to hit the shelves....

Well, almost.…

It has been a busy time for Flic Manning and I, in terms of work, moving states, parties, learning new things and facing money challenges: but in the big scheme of things nothing is more important than your dreams.

Flic and I, tonight at 9:20pm on the 11th Feb 2009, have decided to take the DIESEL LAWS brand beyond the popular presence on the net, and take it to the streets within the next few years.

What that means for us is a little bit of light research, explaining to all our current customers our plans and obviously taking the necessary steps to print our designs.

At current, ‘Diesel Laws’ has sold over 119 shirts within 6 months of the brand becoming active online. That equates to 1 Shirt sold every 2 days! I would say there is a market! Not only has the amount of sales

Don't forget about this!

Photo by Snappatronik

I am very excited to announce that after discussions with Balcony Records and Flic Manning of FIXD, I can now announce that we are holding a CD Cover Design Competition for our latest song WE CONTROL SEX (which you can listen to here – ). Within a month’s time, Balcony Records will be releasing the first run of Fixd’s songs, so this is a chance to become a part of history!

The Challenge
Design an urban CD Cover for Fixd’s latest song ‘WE CONTROL SEX’ ( which you can listen to here – )

Judging / Voting Criteria
-The cover must have NO NUDITY.
-We are looking for a certain style, i.e. Urban, Dark, Street Art, Graffiti, Stencil Art etc.
-The CD Cover must be designed using this template (DOWNLOAD) –

My TOP picks of the Sound Competition

There are so many great entries in the Sound Competition that I decided to compose a list of my TOP PICKS (or should I say brilliant competitors!)

I chose the following designs based on originality, how well they fit to the theme and also as a customer, e.g. Would i wear it? There are a lot more brilliant entries, however I had to stop at some point!

So here are my top picks (besides my own) in no particular order -

So please make your vote count and vote on these designs , and if you like mine, please drop a vote for that too!

A while ago... [Sneak Peek]

I entered a competition to get a full tshirt printed by THE NEATEST .com – and I WON with my design titled FREE SPEECH!
As they are a brand new company, they decided to change their name to TEECORE to make it easier for people to understand what they do.

The design they printed is meant to be a wrap around design where the lips hang over the back a little bit. This will be rectified in the next print, however he just sent me a pic of him wearing the shirt, so here is a sneak peak -

No word yet on when it will be on sale…


So it’s finally time for voting, and it looks like there are some amazing entries into the competition!

Go check out and vote on the awesome entries here

Don’t forget to vote mine if you like it :)

Thank you and good luck to ALL the entrants!

How close have you come to your idols?

Pretty close for us so far, apart from seeing PRODIGY at the big day out and smash it up wildly, we had the chance to ask them a question as part of a competition – well, we were one of the five users selected to have their question read out to Prodigy in their recent interview with Myspace Music – in return we got our name and link splashed on the video! (about halfway through) – Watch the video here -

Meet up at Transport on Wednesday - Photos

Hi guys, it was an extremely hot day, but a great meet with about 10-15 artists, was great to meet you all and looking forward to meeting many more!

Here are some pics from my non-professional camera with a few effects from the amazing photoshop…

MELBOURNE meet up - WED 28th - Transport Hotel - 7pm


Hey all Melbournites!

How about a meet up next Wednesday night?

Well, if you can make it, I want to meet so many bubblers over a drink or two, maybe even a few photos, portfolios and anything else you bring along!

So here are the details >

WHEN: Wednesday 28th Jan (next wed night) 7pm – Whenever
WHERE: Transport Hotel Federation Square (
HOW: Opposite Flinders Station so either Train or Tram
WHO: You and ANYONE else you want to bring along
WHY: Because collaboration is inspiration!

Hope to see you there!

Diesel ( 0407 199 776 )



Now I normally don’t post links to other tshirt sites, but even if this may have been done before, it’s the first time I have seen it and it cracked me up!

Why we have dreams...

Here we are on a hot, sunny Melbourne Tuesday, ready for the next day in the crazy life of Diesel Laws and Flic Manning ….…

At the time of writing this, both Flic and I have no jobs. We have been out of work for nearly two months and on top of that are in a month’s worth of debt. Flic has tonsillitis and an ear infection and to get it all sorted out, we had to use some of our cash for rent. While she heads to the doctors, where am I? At the local recruitment agency looking for a way to receive income. On the way to the agency, the power gets turned off for the tram I am on, and I have to walk in a suit for about 15 mins in 34 degree heat.

Why am I writing this to over 200+ people?

Because I know in the future this little pin prick of hopelessness will be a laughing point for many years. I

100 shirts sold!

Wow. …

What an awesome milestone to reach. I feel honored that so many of you ( and people who wont read this) like my work, comment on it and purchase it!

As I have been active since late July 2008, so 6 months or so, 100 shirts equals about 16 each month, or 1 shirt sold every two days – Cool! (Please correct me if I am wrong!)

Thank you for keeping my spirits up with all your great comments and questions.

To all the friends that have commented on my last journal thank you, I would respond individually but I am flat out at the moment, but thank you again for your comments.

If anyone ever says to you that your artwork is not really that good, keep going.
If anyone ever says you are not going to make something of yourself, keep going.
If anyone says anything positive about your work – keep g

A fresh Melbourne

Hi all,…

as you may have known I relocated to Melbourne in Dec and have only just got most of it all sorted. Thank you for all your comments and the people who purchased shirts while I was offline.

I now have a groovy unit opposite Anglers Tavern (Maribyrnong) which goes off on Sundays for the sesh so let me know if you wanna pop down. I have secured a job – you know, those things before you become internationally famous for your art, music etc? lol – anyways, just want to say I am looking forward to 2009 and I feel it is my year to explode onto the art scene one way or another.

The record label that is pushing my music will be up and running soon and I will be soon working heavily on building up my rep as a DJ. Not to mention all the artistic endeavors elsewhere.

I have been told by an un

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