Happy Holidays!

Hey all, have a great Xmas and New Years!

I will be away from the computer most of December as I relocate to Melbourne. Speak to you all again soon.


Diesel Laws.

P.s. Thanks also for all your kind comments about the move.

Happy Holidays!

Hey all, have a great Xmas and New Years!

I will be away from the computer most of December as I relocate to Melbourne. Speak to you all again soon.


Diesel Laws.

P.s. Thanks also for all your kind comments about the move.

YAY! One last image!

I managed to squeeze one last t-shirt ( ROLLER DJ )in before I had to pack up the computer! WOOHOO! I am soooo addicted to designing its dangerous…

Ok…gotta pack up the computer now…back to the POS Laptop….oh well, Melbourne here we come! (in 2 weeks that is!)

You don’t have to comment…just wanted you to know why I uploaded another design when I said I was done for a bit. Have a good chrissy to everyone if I don’t speak to you before – but I probably will! - New site!

Hey all! On flickr I was approached by this website inviting me to be a part of their competitions – I checked them out and after reading through their About page I was quite keen on joining.…

The site claims – Artists and Designers earn $250 + 10% on sales of their T-Shirts and prints. We give 15% of our profits to charity, traceable on our Facebook page. A designer can choose to forgo payment, and if so, The Neatest will donate 25% to charity. When we increase our Cash prize winnings, previous winners are paid additional money to make up the difference when possible.

To me, that sounds like a good deal and even if the site is a similar idea to, it still is in its early stages so there are only a handful of designers on their now – which means more chances of winning!

Now a

The sad truth...

Ok guys, it has come to that time for the move to take over…

As some of you may know I am off to Melbourne on December 13th and they are coming to pick up my computer gear and ship it over next Tuesday. As I have a hectic schedule, I have to break it all down before this weekend :(

I will be able to check the bub and see some of your cool comments and new creations but I wont be able to upload any new designs for a while.

Once I am settled in in Melbourne (and have purchased a desk) I will get the ball rolling again.

See you all on the Flipside.

Keep sending me bubblemails etc as I will still be available to chat.


p.s. Please vote for my entry in the Redbubble Logo Comp -

Thank you so much!

They're now up!

Hey party peoples!

A while ago I mentioned that we had professional photos done for our music, now they are finally here – and I can honestly say I love them! CLICK ON THE PICS FOR A LARGER VIEW!


Thanks for reading – to hear our music, click this LINK ….thats all!


Deadly Ivory

Once again I have been drawing free hand and smashing the designs out – and this one is no different!

I posted this at threadless because I think it has a chance to get printed, but it needs your votes! If you like it, vote for it "here – EDIT: VOTING ENDED.

Thank you to everyone so far for supporting my work. I will be absent from the uploading section for about a month shortly due to my exciting relocation to melbourne, but I will resume very soon.

Also, as our music is getting some club play and also being released soon via Balcony Records I will be focusing heavily on that front and the designing will sit back a little bit. I will also be learning more about DJ-ing so I can spin it at local clubs etc.

Speak to you all soon! – P.s. dont forget to vote!


It took me a while but I have finally redesigned this website to how I have wanted it for ages! I searched for a million and one themes (wordpress) but in the end I just ended up modifying my own!…

So check it out – and let me know what you think.

For anyone interested, the original theme is Futurosity Aperio Prototype available for free.

Anyways, speak soon all! Also, new buyers booth photos up soon…


oh – and also, i created a mini ‘random’ ABOUT thing which you will see on the website and here it is…it made me laugh….

I walked through the Concrete Jungle. It’s heavy dullness surrounded me. I heard a faint sound and stopped to investigate. The Concrete Jungle was alive. It whispered softly to me through its grate-shaped mouth. It quivered with The Fear. The unim

New Shirts - NEW VIDEO!

Hey All!

I just got some new shirts in the mail so I decided to make a buyers-booth/advertising video!

You will notice in the video I say some odd things….unfortunately that is just me. lol


Custom Friend Banners 2

My second Journal for my Custom Friend Banners to people who have commented and favourited a lot of my work. If you missed the first one – Here it is
Here is an extract from the above link -…

_if you want to be put at the top of my mind for one of these groovy banners, then just keep commenting and favouriting my work!

Just so you know the story behind the designs, I have challenged myself to create each piece to portray that artist (e.g. yanmos with the leaves) which was great fun to do, and in the future it will better equip me to change my style to work with more clients!_

So without any further ado here are the banners – in no particular order -

Also, these banners are linked to each artists page, so go and check them out!


My 5 top selling shirts to date...

I thought it was time to let you all know my top selling shirts – and why I believe they are selling so well – so heres the list -…

This one Tops the list – Mainly I believe its because of the reference to the Star Wars film with the parody of Darth Vader in a rock band. If only….

Tshirts related to alcohol often sell well, because many people can relate. Not to mention the Star Wars and Heineken reference merged together.

Surprisingly, this shirt has only been up for 11 days and has already surpassed so many other designs in sales! People love unique typography, and this designs play around with it beautifully. Also, music and design go so well together. I am extremely happy that this design is selling well…there will be more…

Obviously this parody shirt references Star Wars R2D2, but its

Thank you for your opinions...

No, I mean it! It is so good to know I have a few great friends that will help me out with some feedback! Now, i will recolour that art at some point (I have 5 days I think) but for now, I have put ANGRY BIFF in the competition….

Let me know if it was a bad move (and reasons why so i can make ammends)….

One of the main reasons, I don’t know if they would want to print a monster impaling himself with a giant arrow…kind of a bit messy you know so hmmmm….

Your opinion please...

The London Calling challenge is obviously a big deal!

So I need your opinion – Do yu think this needs some colour or does it stand well as a graffiti stencil piece? If you think a bit of colour is needed please show references to help me out.

Off Topic - Photoshoot

Hey all, I have been a busy one of late!…

Just wanted to let you know about something great thats going on behind the scenes here. Last night myself and Flic Manning had a photoshoot with other artists from various DNB and BREAKS crews. As you may know, Flic and I are partners in the group FIXD

So, about 8:30pm we started shooting the photoshoot with TYMED CONSPIRACY, MC RAMI, GROUP THERAPY, ANGRY BUDA and SCOLLOP for the label BALCONY RECORDS.

It was an awesome night and we had a photographer from Melbourne fly over to Perth to do the shoot. We did about 2-3 hours in the studio, with various keyboard, microphone props and then headed to a back alley to get some great graffiti art as backgrounds. After climbing up onto the roof to get the perfect shot, we headed to the Perth foreshore, whe

And the winner is....

Shannon Rene’ Justice with her name LIMZ – What a great name!

Here is why I chose it -
1. It represents LIMBS which are the main features of my characters
2. Its cute
3. Its simple
4. It looks good
5. It reads easy!
6. It has a Z (awesome)

(The font is free here)

WOOHOO! Thank you to everyone that put some names through, there were quite a few great names! I might do this in the future for some other characters so stay tuned!

My competition entry LOST IN SPACE is now up for voting at Bang Bang Tshirts along with Jumpy’s Space DJ so please if you can, vote for them!

You will need to log in first of course, but I know some of you will help out! Thank you RB for giving me this opportunity to grow and learn!

Thank you EVERYONE!

I will call thee "NIBS" - hmmm your help to rename it?

Hey all!…

I have been busy creating a design for the SPACE competition over at Bang Bang T-shirts – but this journal isn’t about asking for votes…

Its actually to let you know I have officially found a style which I love and seeing if you can help me come up with a name for this species of characters! (eg we are known as HUMANS – ok, some of us are…)

Ok, so you probably have seen and commented on LONG LEGS LUKE by now -

Well, I really liked the outcome and even though it took me a bit longer, it was worth it. So, to see if that was really the right thing for me, I drew another pic in that style and am totally in love with it too. I will post another journal entry when you can vote on it, but for now here is the full preview -

So, what should I call them?

I will choose a name as soon as

The Process of LONG LEGS LUKE

Fascinated by spiders, ‘Long Legs’ Luke underwent an extremely dangerous procedure to change his appearance. Now, unable to fit in to the norm – he is forced to live amongst the creatures that inspired his transformation. (Scroll down to see the process)

Here is the basic process I went through to get this image – it may help some of you!

This Shirt took many hours to complete and it started with a simple sketch -

Then, once scanned into the computer, I changed the colour to a light blue and ‘traced’ over it using the Pen Tool in Photoshop. I had an effect on each layer to show only pink outlines.

Then, Once it was all traced, it was time for colouring, adding and modifying any awkward areas. The shirt he is wearing is Flaming Zebra White

So there you have it! It’s not a detail

REVIEW: Compassion, Courage & Friendship Publication

Pulling up my driveway I noticed a little note on my front door from the Post Office. I quickly grabbed the note, reversed out and drove down the road to collect whatever was waiting for me at the other end. I had no idea what it could be!…

Then, to my surprise it was the long awaited publication Compassion, Courage & Friendship! Excitedly, I carefully opened the folded cardboard and pulled out the shrink wrapped book. After removing the plastic, I pulled the book out from the dust-cover and stared at the front cover.

It was stunning. What hit me first was the fantastic composition of the images, merged onto the matte print front cover, with the beautiful sweeping yellow hues.

As I opened the book I smelt that sweet aroma of the fresh print. I quickly flicked through the 77 lush pages. I

Deceptive RB Shirt Sizes

Now I did post this in the feedback and suggestions for Redbubble forums but I also wanted to journal about to have a discussion with people that may not read the forums – HERE IT IS >…

While the title may sound a bit negative, this is actually a good thing, that unfortunately gets lost on the shirt previews at this point in time.

We have a medium size rectangle to upload our artwork to shirts. Once uploaded we view an image much like this >

Now I love this shirt by kgittoes – but I wouldn’t have realised it printed as big as this >

Now look at the two images above and you will think that they are different size designs – but that is the same design!

I would love to see the template change for previews to allow us to see how big it would look when wearing it – because most people I know

Custom Friend Banners

Hey all!…

I mentioned a while ago in one of my other journal entries that I had something planned for my friends on RB – and well…here it is!

I went through my friend list and chose the ones that have been the most helpful to me in inspiration, comments, help and everything else so far.

There are so many more to do, but for now here are 9 of them.

If you are not here, don’t worry – I will be doing the rest of them when I get more time!

But, if you want to be put at the top of my mind for one of these groovy banners, then just keep commenting and favouriting my work!

Just so you know the story behind the designs, I have challenged myself to create each piece to portray that artist (e.g. yanmos with the leaves) which was great fun to do, and in the future it will better equip me to change m



After a month of searching – and also after selling our dogs – we have secured a rental in Melbourne! its a nice little 2 bedroom place overlooking the river 8 kilometres from the CBD in Maribyrnong.

We had already booked and paid for our flights (for DEC), paid for the removalists, put in our resignations (for DEC) so of course we were working very hard to get a place! It’s not easy relocating from Perth!

Luckily, i had my aunty over in melbourne who was able to go around to different places on her weekends – bless her heart!

Oh man I am so excited now!

Right, now on to the jobs…..

I am going to be temping until i get established in Melbourne, but i hope to find a creative job working with graphics etc if possible. At least I know I have temping to fall back onto!

So if anyone k

Behind the scenes - new direction and process...

Hey again peoples!…

It’s been quiet on the Bub for me as I have been redeveloping my style and design work. I have headed back in the direction of the pen – and the amazing paper.

Yep. I know. DEEP.

But really what I have been going back to is my style of drawing. Naturally I don’t like to draw sketchy lines and then re-draw over them again, instead, i like to draw the FINISHED solid lines in one shot.

This may sound like an unreachable goal, but that is why my subject matter is so important. For me to create an image without re-drawing over the same lines, I have to be drawing something that is from my imagination. I usually drawn a curve on the page and let it go from there. it may end up being an eye, a leg, hair who knows! But in most cases it will be a monster of some kind, as there

Updated RB Photoshop Template (Shirt Colours)

Hi all!…

When I first started on RB I noticed that within the template there were no colour options to see what it would look like on the shirt. In fact, with RB, you have to upload the design, choose the colours and then you will see what it looks like on the shirt!

Well, I made a small modification to my template file so that I always have the shirt colours at the bottom of the print area – and now, I am sharing it with you!

It’s pretty basic, but if you would like to see a preview of your design on the shirt colours before you upload this will help you out.

What you will find in the template is a Work Layer, Shirt Colours Layer, Colour Overlay Background Layer and the Original layer.

Simple dir

Wow...I am exhausted...

I have been so busy advertising and re-doing my site and uploading designs to competitions that I am shattered…but hey, now you get to vote – YAY!

So if you are on THREADLESS, I have another design you can vote for here (PLEASE!) >

heheeh that was is one yummy design….and now, if you are on please VOTE for this one!

Your help is greatly appreciated!

P.s. I have something special coming up for some of the people that have commented on my work as of late…lets just say…it’s a bit “TEXTY” – and I will leave it at that…for now!

Thanks guys! You rock! - REFRESHED! - What do you think?

Wow, so it took me all night to redo all the images and links to set it up again!

The main reason for the refresh was that because I had posted tutorials etc as well as tshirts it look cluttered and you didnt know what to click on!

So, I put all the designs onto the template that Yannis let me use (thank you Yannis!) and I think it looks much cleaner – what do you think? CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT

here is a simple screenshot -

Thanks guys, your feedback and comments are MUCH appreciated!


Hey all!

MVP1 was very kind to ask me to join him in hosting his group, HALLOWEEN T’S

Basically what we are looking for is T-shirts inspired by Halloween, Spooks, Ghosts, Spirits, Monsters etc etc

So get your stuff in there! And spread the word…it’s going to be a big group!

To Logo, or not to Logo? - That is the question...

Guys, I need your help.

You would have recognised the Diesel Laws brand LOGO popping up on my shirts next to the characters and text etc – but should I have it on all of them?

Obviously Diesel Laws is a brand that I am pushing very strongly in the real world however at this point in time, it may be a more personal thing in a customers eyes…..

Basically what I am trying to say is that do you believe the logo could be putting someone off?

If so, please point out the images and tell me why so I can change this for the future.

Your help is greatly appreciated friends!

p.s. I need more sleep.

Watchlist = 100! WOW!

Wow. I am flattered. I have just checked this link > and found that I now have 100 people now watching my work!

Thank you to you all, it means a lot! I am really appreciative of all the work you have all put in to commenting, bubblemailing and favouriting my work, thank you so much.

Feel free to send me Bubblemails if you need any advice on my tutorials or just want to say Hi!

Speak soon!

-Diesel Laws (but you already knew that!)

P.s. If you click on the above link it will show you who’s watching you!


Hey hey everyone!

I had a bit of time so I managed to rifle through my favourites page and pick out some stand out tees that I have had in the list for a while…so here they are -

Party Time – by Jess White

I chose this piece because it portrays an interesting message – Balloons don’t always mean fun. Also, it’s a massive image on the shirt!

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog – by JustSixties

I chose this piece for its great use of colours, placement and unique design.

As always, check out their folios through the above links to see some more of their amazing work!

And don’t forget to tell them you found them on The DROPZONE!

The POLL - Messy or Controlled?

Ok guys, i need your opinion.

I have been slamming out designs of late, and having a blast, but I am not sure what path to take.

I love creating Controlled Vector designs that look like this >

And I also love creating the Messy style >

Now here is the Dilemma – The “messy” ones need detail to appreciate them but RB works on the basis of thumbnails so they often get ignored. But on the other hand, they look fantastic and appeal to a much wider arts community rather than a simple controlled pic on a shirt.

Please, leave YOUR preference – MESSY or CONTROLLED and a little description as to why you would choose that style to help me decide which path to take.

Thank you!


Hey all!


For those that didn’t know, I had a competition to win a shirt of mine, just by simply purchasing something from my folio! Here is the original competiton details

Now, to find out who the winner is, watch this youtube video here,


Also a big thank you to all those who entered this competition, I hope to see you wearing the shirts! Please if possible, put a photo of you wearing one of my designs in the buyers booth!

-Diesel Laws

The amazing GAP in the t-shirt market....

I have been searching, like many others before me, for an all-over BELT-PRINT custom shirt printing-option (for a low cost and one-offs).…

Im not going to go into the details about the sizing etc, i am going to keep it lamens terms, but basically there is a rectangle that RB and most t-shirts can print in (I believe it is 11×11) which you will notice when you upload your designs to Redbubble. At current, 95% of the t-shirt design companies cannot print larger than that for one-offs/cheap proce/low runs.

Yet, the most popular and common shirts that I see everywhere are all over prints, that print right up to the seems, on the collar and on the sleeves.

I find it quite amazing that in this time in our developing world, with the advance of digital science and technology that someone hasn’t co

The FINAL of the WIN A SHIRT competiton.....

Hey all,

If you or anyone you know has purchased one of my shirts recently and not let me know about it, please let me know in a Bubblemail , with the shirt, colour and size you purchased as I have a few ‘unclaimed’ people for the competiton…

Here is the original competiton details

I will be putting all the names in the hat tonight and pull a name out tomorrow – You can still win!

So far, I believe I have 10-15 people on the list….

I may even do a video of me pulling the name out of the hat just for fun!

Speak to you tomorrow!

New Group - PARODY!

That’s right! I am now hosting a new group called Parody, I’m sure you all know what parody means but here is the basics -

A parody in contemporary usage, is a work created to mock, comment on, or poke fun at an original work, its subject, or author, by means of humorous or satiric imitation.

Joing this group here > PARODY GROUP

Don't Click Here....

Ok, now you’ve gone and done it! You clicked! Now you are going to have to be a scared fish and swim away from the Crazy Eyed Fish! ARGH!

P.s. You NEED new wall art!

Thanks to Simon for the suggestion

Welcome to THE DROPZONE...


I have created THE DROPZONE, where each day, week, or month (whenever I have the time) I will pull out 2 shirts from other artists and display them in my journal!

You will get to see some designs that you have never seen before and you may even get featured yourself!

Just trying to give back to the place that has given me so much, thank you Redbubble!

Now lets see our first artists work as shown on my little mascot!

Monkey In Space


Check out these designs from these talented artists!

FIXD Music - my other life!

Hey all, thank you for your comments, views etc and for just being cool. I mean if you are on Redbubble, you are the elite in my opinion.

As well as designing, I work hard at producing music…I am one half of the DNB/BREAKBEAT group FIXDMUSIC.COM

We have had varied success with Fixd but have just been approached by an internet label who wants to release some of our tracks! So, of course we are very excited and can’t say much until the fine print is done…

But you are welcome to listen to our music at the above website, or you can listen and also download 2 songs here >

I will keep you updated!

P.s. you might recognise the other member…hint – she is a Bubblehead too!

The Aim: Featured Image - The Timeframe: By December

The Aim: Featured Image
The Timeframe: By December

That’s right, I have set myself a target to get get an image (or as many as possible) featured on this page by December.

This is no easy feat! I will continue to pump out the crazy shirts until this aim is hit…and then I will slow the designs back a little bit so you can all breathe again!

Wish me luck! (suggestions welcome)

All your comments and favouritings will help me reach this goal!

Halfway point! YOU CAN STILL WIN!

Hey hey so there have been a few more people getting involved and purchasing something from my folio, and they have been added to the list to WIN a free shirt!

if you dont know the details > CLICK HERE

Remember, it may not be something you need, but it would make a great present!


Help me out - VOTE ON THIS!

Hey all, thank you for all your support, comments and personal messages, it really helps a designer!

Now I need your help peeps! I submitted an entry to POPDECK and I need votes!

So go on, help a designer get his work off the computer and into the real world!


P.s. there is still time to WIN A FREE SHIRT! – Click here for details (after you vote for the deck design of course!)

Speak soon friends,

Diesel Laws


Hi all!…

I ordered 2 versions of the same tee design but I have decided to keep only 1 and let you WIN the other one!

Size: S Style: Short Sleeve Colour: Gold

So how do you win this t-shirt? From now until the END of SEPTEMBER if you BUY ANY one of my T-SHIRTS in my STORE , your name will get dropped into my magic hat! Then, in October I will shake my magic hat and pull YOUR name out! (That’s positive thinking on your end!)

Starts: It’s already started!
Ends: 30th September

IMPORTANT! – Make sure you tick the box revealing your name to me when purchasing, so I can add your name to the draw. If you forget, Bubblemail me with your details and the names of the shirt(s) you purchased.

Also remember, the more items you purchase, the more chances you have of winning.

The winner will be drawn

Random thought of the day #2

Here we go again people…one of those thoughts I run with…almost like my motto nowadays!

Sleep gets in the way of my life. – Diesel Laws 2008

Would any designers be interested in a shirt with this message?

Random thought of the day....

All from my head…I will post these random thoughts on occasion, so add me to your watchlist if you really want to read more!

A great cup of tea is measured by how good it tastes cold. – Diesel Laws 2008

If you are on THREADLESS....

Please check out these designs and vote 5 and TEE!
(only if you like them)

P.s. Threadless are a very unusual bunch, they like all the ‘indie’ stuff that im not big on, so its a hard basket!

Diesel Laws Dot Com and Features!

Hi All!

It has been a busy couple of days for me, I have been ‘slaving’ over a hot ‘cpu’ for hours to get the finishing touches done to my new website – – and it’s finally complete!

Please check it out and let me know what you think – if you find any kinks or bugs let me so I can iron them out.

Also, I was lucky enough to have an image from the Buyers Booth up for a short amount of time on the HOME PAGE! Thank you Redbubble!

In the coming month I will be adding new designs to Redbubble (and and getting interviewed by the people over at Vector Goodness Blog – which is just in time for my new website!

Ok all, thank you for all your kind comments etc that have come through, I really appreciate it,


p.s. Don’t forget to check out !




Your work must have a thick black outline around it, taking it that one step further. Preferably in Illustrator or Photoshop, or even the good old Sharpie!

At this point in time there is no limit to how many designs you upload in one day, however please only put your best work forward.


P.s. Just to clarify – We only accept THICK black/coloured outlines – Thin/Standard black outlines will not be accepted. (Unless it’s a brilliant design.)

We look forward to seeing your work!

Your hosts:

Diesel Laws



DieselLaws and Thickblackoutline, , have joined forces to bring you a brand new group…Thick Black Outlines!.

Add your best THICK BLACK OUTLINE shirts/art to this group!

As this is a brand new group, please let me know if the rules display the two EXAMPLES properly- your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

How To Sell Shirts (Hints and Tips)


Hi everyone,

I am by no means an expert, but I do have some great, simple tips and hints that can help get you noticed and on your way to selling your shirts. These may have been covered on the forums, but I wanted to streamline it a bit and put it all in one tight package.

First, I recommend that you get familiar with copying images and links on by reading the information on the forums to get a basic idea of it all.

Take note of these ideas, and if you have any success since reading this article, drop the thumbnail of your of your sold shirt here with an embedded link to that shirt so we can congratulate you!

So here we go, starting with the most obvious thing first -

I can’t stress this enough, if your design i

Painting Diesel on Decks - DAY 2

So it’s day two here at the Diesel on Decks Dome and things are electric. The crowd is awaiting in anticipation for the next instalment of the Painted Diesel – wondering can he match this digital version of Diesel on Decks >

- and now, we cross live to Diesel, down by the action…

Yes Hi Diesel, it’s Diesel here and wow, things are screaming along. The Acrylics have been warming up for a while now, while the Canvas has been deep in serious thought…not sure how things went on in earlier conversation, but if you missed the previous round of Painting Diesel On Decks, you can view it HERE -

Wait, Diesel, I’m getting word that they are about to start Painting again – yes, the Acrylics are going head to head with Canvas right now – HERE WE GO!





Here we can see the

Painting Diesel on Decks - 1/4 of the way through....

Diesel on Decks – The Art Piece

- This is my favourite design to date and, as I was rummaging through the house the other day I stumbled across an acrylic paint set.
So I popped down the shop, purchased some 45 × 60 canvas’ and decided it was time to convert my art from digital to reality.

I decided to take some photos of the process and as it stands, I believe I am 1/4 of the way through. Enjoy.

To start, I hopped into Photoshop and made my canvas the same size as the ‘real’ canvas. In this case, 45cm x 60cm, with 300dpi. Then I dragged my vector image across and resized it to fit the Photoshop canvas.

Unfortunately I don’t have a massive printer, so I printed the image across 4 pieces of paper, (there was a little bit of the image missing on each page) aligning each page with the refe

Diesel The Fly Trap

I have moved into a character that is definately making waves…

I would like to welcome Diesel the Fly Trap to my work bench and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Here is some more of Diesel in action >

Thank you for the inspiration thickblackoutline!


I joined threadless and already have 12 ideas waiting for approval…lol…it is addictive…I’m getting up about 2 per day! I have posted them all on my blog (Yes, you can view them but you just can’t vote on them yet! – Check back in a week!)

My Blog >

Here are most of the designs I have posted on their so far – click on them to view the full picture!


If for some reason these designs don’t get printed (positive thinking) then I MAY upload them here so you can all have them on a shirt!

Earlybird catches the worm....

Well, I am definately not an earlybird to this site, but I have been lucky enought to sell 13 shirts in 3 days. Yes, some were to one friend but I didn’t expect him to buy 6! I only designed one for him, he talked to his mates and they all got the same ULTIMATE PACMAN shirt (search it) -

I’m very happy with the quality of work on this site, the in-depth critique given and just in general, the Redbubblers! Thank you!

I am terribly addicted to this site now, I think I loaded this up before my email tonight!

Anyways, enough techno babble, lets have some self promotion: go and check out my folio and be amazed! lol No, in all seriousness I have just uploaded a few picture works, (try and find the mullet) and all is going great!

Speak to you all soon!

Diesel Laws

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait