Google Image Search Finds Stolen Images!

Well, here’s a new tool that will no doubt become quite handy in finding some art thieves online. Personally, if someone has gone to the trouble of stealing my artwork to try and make a profit I tend to not bother worrying about it as I am focusing on my next endeavor. Life’s too short to chase thieves.

HOWEVER, there are a lot that would like to chase down evil-doers – so today, Google have launched an actual Image Search by using any image. Here’s how you check if your Redbubble artwork (or any of your work) is being used elsewhere without your permission.

1. Head to Google Image Search
2. Drag an image from your computer desktop (or a Redbubble thumbnail – smaller is quicker) into Google Image Search bar.
3. You’re all done!

Beetles On Abbey Road T-Shirt

Google will check to see what websites are hosting that image. Please note: It may not always work and some websites will be featuring your work with a link directly back to your artwork (this is a good thing as promotion is fantastic!).
It’s also a really good way to find out where your images are featured.

Good luck,
Diesel Laws

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