Model T-Shirt Display Images

While the cartoon T-shirt display does look good, it would be fantastic if Redbubble could trial the Model T-Shirt Display Images – Basically taking a photo of one guy + girl in slightly different poses (each pose represents 1 t-shirt colour) and using that as our display images.

I noticed that in the shop ( there is a photo of a guy wearing a blue shirt but when you see the shop its all cartoon style, which I feel lets down the sales.

While I understand the depth and effort this would take (and also that the preview on the sales page is an actual printed shirt), it will be worth it in the end as ‘realistic’ mock-ups tend to sell better – As the saying goes, “The more I can see it, the more I can believe it, and the more I want it”.

View the image in full:

How to do it:
1. Get a girl and Guy model
2. Take 30 shots of guy in one t-shirt in slightly different poses
3. Do the same for girl
4. Photoshop the t-shirt area and make duplicate images in different t-shirt colours
5. Do the same for ‘back-view’, hoodie etc

To support this, please go here and Vote -

If you think it would help sell our designs better as I do then please vote at the above link!

Dropping a comment here is nice, but please click the link and vote there :D

- Diesel Laws

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