Asian rip-off

hehehe, I must say im pretty stoked to have been ripped off. It means one of my designs were good enough to be ripped u know?

Read this journal entry by ‘bites’

And you will see the ripped off version of my Music Head design with a CD in ‘morfs’ mouth instead of piano keys – damn, why didnt I think of that!



Now most people I know would be pissed off or a little annoyed, but not me. I couldn’t care less. Instead I’m on to bigger and better things each day and I don’t fuss over little things like that.

And besides, if every one of my designs got ripped off and redone, eventually people are going to link it back to me. Just like Bites has done.

Designers – take note – THINK DIFFERENTLY.

Have a good week.

- Diesel

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