T-WORLD 05 Launch Party - Dayam Impressive!

Seriously, if I had to sum up the amount of effort put into the T-WORLD Lauch Party I would be undercutting it every single time! Everything was top notch, the displays, print-outs, ads, freebies and the people! It was my first launch of a T-shirt journal ever, and I was so impressed I HAD to blog about it.

So, Flic and I were shown the poster for the T-WORLD gig through a great friend and we decided to go. We took the Diesel Laws brand with us, wearing our shirts and printing out little mini business cards for the event (why the heck not?).

Upon arrival we were greeted to this awesome multicolored array of advertising and information about the t-shirt community (a small snapshot, but solid to say the least). As well as the awesome billboards of info, there were t-shirts hung from the roof which could be purchased throughout the night, damn impressive me thinks.

After getting a complimentary drink for our $5 entry fee, we took a walk around and watched a bit of the guitar hero competition in the back room. Every room was setup so well and it looked like an extremely professional job.

We managed to get ourselves in a few photos for the magazine and decided to start meeting some people. Flic took a wander, as she does, and managed to bump into one of the finalists of Australias Top Model (Male) and managed to get his number and his interest in modelling for our brand – DAYAM!

She also bumped into LUKE FRASER , the co-creator of the T-WORLD JOURNAL (basically the dude that deserves half of the nod for the night). Flic gave him one of our business cards and got chatting for two seconds before he was whisked away to show his face somewhere else.

Then, after a few hours of soaking up the scene, we chilled out on the groovy couches, all the while dreaming about the moment that we will hold one of these events – awesome. While sitting there, we managed to get talking to one of the main advertisers for the night, who gave us many more contacts and invited us to be a part of their magazine as well. Basically a friend helping out a friend sort of situation – all in all, it was a great meeting!

We decided to cal it a night quite early as Flic was still fighting off a cold; Amazingly you would not have known she had one while she was networking because that’s how amazing she really is!

So in only 3 hours, we managed to penetrate the Melbourne T-shirt scene, meet advertisers, mini celebs, promoters and creators of the T-WORLD Journal. DAYAM! You have to be happy with that!

So in stage 2 of the Diesel Laws brand, we will be working even harder to get a few shirts printed – as a side note we already have interest from many t-shirt stores in stocking our designs – and will continue to push until DIESEL LAWS is known as well as the famous RUSTY, HURLEY and RIPCURL!

So keep track of our progress through here -http://diesellaws.com/feed and make sure you check out our latest designs on the main website -


We take this moment to say thank you for all the support so far for Diesel Laws, and will continue to provide rocking shirts to slam out your individuality!

Much respect,

Diesel Laws and Flic Manning

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