A fresh start...in Melbourne

Hi all,

as you may have known I relocated to Melbourne in Dec and have only just got most of it all sorted. Thank you for all your comments and the people who purchased shirts while I was offline.

I now have a groovy unit opposite Anglers Tavern (Maribyrnong) which goes off on Sundays for the sesh so let me know if you wanna pop down. I have secured a job – you know, those things before you become internationally famous for your art, music etc? lol – anyways, just want to say I am looking forward to 2009 and I feel it is my year to explode onto the art scene one way or another.

The record label that is pushing my music will be up and running soon and I will be soon working heavily on building up my rep as a DJ. Not to mention all the artistic endeavors elsewhere.

I have been told by an unnamed source that I won a competition (can’t tell anyone yet which one) and I will be getting one of my shirts printed full screen and getting prize money. I look forward to telling you more about it.

I can be honest and say that if it weren’t for the community here I would not have been able to increase my skills to a point where I would have won a competition of that scale!

I better go now, but if you are one of the lucky ones over in Melbourne and would like to catch up for a drink, let me know.

Take care, speak to you soon!


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