And the winner is....

Shannon Rene’ Justice with her name LIMZ – What a great name!

Here is why I chose it -
1. It represents LIMBS which are the main features of my characters
2. Its cute
3. Its simple
4. It looks good
5. It reads easy!
6. It has a Z (awesome)

(The font is free here)

WOOHOO! Thank you to everyone that put some names through, there were quite a few great names! I might do this in the future for some other characters so stay tuned!

My competition entry LOST IN SPACE is now up for voting at Bang Bang Tshirts along with Jumpy’s Space DJ so please if you can, vote for them!

You will need to log in first of course, but I know some of you will help out! Thank you RB for giving me this opportunity to grow and learn!

Thank you EVERYONE!

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