Painting Diesel on Decks - DAY 2

So it’s day two here at the Diesel on Decks Dome and things are electric. The crowd is awaiting in anticipation for the next instalment of the Painted Diesel – wondering can he match this digital version of Diesel on Decks >

- and now, we cross live to Diesel, down by the action…

Yes Hi Diesel, it’s Diesel here and wow, things are screaming along. The Acrylics have been warming up for a while now, while the Canvas has been deep in serious thought…not sure how things went on in earlier conversation, but if you missed the previous round of Painting Diesel On Decks, you can view it HERE -

Wait, Diesel, I’m getting word that they are about to start Painting again – yes, the Acrylics are going head to head with Canvas right now – HERE WE GO!





Here we can see the HIGHLIGHTS of day two, and if I must say so myself, there was some serious focus, and steady hands put into this effort. Here is Diesel taking hold of the brush and working with the extra ‘shading’ layers on ‘Diesel’.

Diesel was aiming to stick with just painting ‘Diesel’ but he boldly chose to venture out and paint the speakers early…a tactic that seemed to pay off.

Working heavily with the ‘shading’: He applies it in great detail and almost perfect precision. Amazing.

From recent interviews we learned that he decided not to join the colours as the Thick Black Outline would cover up that. Simply breathe-taking excuse.

Ground Zero was left in quite a state for day 2.

Oooh and the final outcome, not quite GOLD-worthy yet, but in time I am sure it will resonate beautifully with the judges.

We asked Diesel what he thought of the painting so far…

Well that about wraps up day 2’s highlights, plenty of action down here, back to you in the studio.

Thanks Diesel, I am sure within the next few days he will be able to complete this journey and receive a GOLD for his work…he’s got my vote.


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