Earlybird catches the worm....

Well, I am definately not an earlybird to this site, but I have been lucky enought to sell 13 shirts in 3 days. Yes, some were to one friend but I didn’t expect him to buy 6! I only designed one for him, he talked to his mates and they all got the same ULTIMATE PACMAN shirt (search it) -

I’m very happy with the quality of work on this site, the in-depth critique given and just in general, the Redbubblers! Thank you!

I am terribly addicted to this site now, I think I loaded this up before my email tonight!

Anyways, enough techno babble, lets have some self promotion: go and check out my folio and be amazed! lol No, in all seriousness I have just uploaded a few picture works, (try and find the mullet) and all is going great!

Speak to you all soon!

Diesel Laws

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