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Originally from New Zealand, born in Christchurch. I spent most of my childhood living in Dunedin. Ventured over to Australia when I was...


If you work hard toward becoming more open, opportunities will beckon
to you.
If you are prepared, profound experiences will occur deep inside, within your being.

Eastern Philosophy says that human beings have forgotten what they came
here for.
WIth all the stimulation outside of ourselves, we have lost sight of the Beloved,
our creator, and have lost ourselves as a result.

Living YogaChristy Turlington

(Her book is fantastic..great discriptions of movement through yoga and breath…
great for the creative soul!!

I am so busy trying to create dance pieces …at times difficult and challenging when you have two little ones to take care of too! But I relish my time on my own where I can have a little solitude before the night ends:)

I hope all is well in your world! That you are all in a peaceful place inside, I hope you
are all smiling with gratitude when the day breaks:) not all days are going to go as we plan….but when we have one of those days that are perfect….its always of pleasant reminder to chill.

Enjoy your Life!! Dont’ allow stress to dictate your mood, its all a choice…

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