We Are Like Snowflakes

We are like snowflakes. Each of us is unique. None of us is exactly the same. Like snowflakes, we can be very similar yet we each still have our own unique properties.…

It is so important to cultivate our uniqueness….to be grateful of our differences. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same? Our differences are a reason for celebration and learning and growth. Without them, there would be no exploration, no causes to work toward, no understanding to gain.

The thing we must be wary of is the fear of our differences. That fear has the potential to turn the beauty of our differences to ugliness. That fear whispers that we are not acceptable unless we are alike. The fear of unacceptance and misunderstanding is what we need to truly be afraid of because it

Heavenly Salad

It has been a while since I posted a recipe, so tonight I will post my recipe for Heavenly Salad. You may wonder why I call this salad Heavenly Salad. It has been deemed to be heavenly because of its wonderful sweet and tangy taste. It is also a very versatile salad; it can be eaten with a wide variety of main dishes from turkey to beef to seafood. It is a wonderful side compliment for many different meals.…

This salad is composed of three food groups: vegetable, fruit and protein (nuts). Therefore it is also very healthy! What do you need to make this salad? Here is a list of the ingredients:

1 apple, cored and diced into bite sized pieces
1/2 c. dried cranberries
4 c. mixed greens ( I like spinach, romaine and leaf lettuce)
1/2 c. chopped pecans or walnuts
Ingredients for sweet and

For The Love Of A Cat

She was a cat. She was crafty and cunning, graceful, sublime. She knew her place and it was a place of lofty heights. She took no orders from anyone but the High Priestess of her temple.…

There were times when she lay in the warmth of the sun, stretching her legs out before herself. She moved for noone. Unless a fly or bug caught her attention. Then she crept and crouched, her tail lurching forcefully back and forth. She knew what she liked, and she attended to it with great abandon.

There were times when love filled her and she leapt from her lofty height to grace the High Priestess with her presence, rubbing her soft, fluffy fur against the High Priestess’ legs. Warm, fuzzy purrs emanated from deep within her belly as she hugged the High Priestess with much admiration. When she loved, sh

Interview With A Purple Fairy About Brianna And Yashire

Interviewer: Today we will be interviewing a fairy from Yashire, who helped Brianna on her journey. May I ask you your name?…

Fairy: My name is Purple.

Interviewer: Just like your color?

Fairy: Yes. Our names are our color! Hee hee!

Interviewer: That’s cute! Would you like to sit for the interview?

Fairy: No. I prefer to fly! Hee hee!

Interviewer: Could you at least hover in front of me? It’s hard for me to concentrate when you’re flying all around my head!

Fairy: Yes! Hee hee! Forgive me, sir!

Interviewer: Very well, then. Tell me a bit about Brianna.

Fairy: Well, when she came to Yashire, she was kind of a mess, hee hee! And she was worried about her journey, too. But when she met us, we gave her the gift of laughter and then she felt better! Hee hee!


Life's Meaning

I have felt pressure,
I have known pain;

The darkening sun,
The advancement of rain;

The drops of doubt,
The sting of fear;

The awful regrets,
The loss of ones dear;

And I have wondered,
The reasons why;

The pangs of pain sting,
And the woes of hearts cry;

But then I remembered,
The awakening within;

The dawning of love,
The forgiveness of sin;

And I came to accept,
And to understand;

That all of our days,
Are held in God’s hands;

The good and the bad,
The struggles, the strife;

Are all building blocks,
A composite of life;

For it is the passions,
The pains, the chagrin;

That have made me seek light,
To find hope once again!

Seeing The Big In The Small

There are many things that make life worth living. One of those things is seeing the big in the small.…

When you look at a tree, do you only see a tree? Or do you see a living being, a life-giving gift? A beautiful creation of colors in various shades and hues?

I am convinced that when you see the big in the small, or the extraordinary in the ordinary, you will experience life in much richer ways.

For example, when you see a cat, what do you see? Something with color that meows? Maybe a bit more…something soft and fluffy? Something that makes cute noises and likes to cuddle? Perhaps a companion? A friend?

The more you see in what is considered normal, the more interest and experience and depth open up. Even for something inanimate. Like a sink. Most of us go to the sink and turn on the wat


From the dust we are made,
To the dust we return;

In the days of our lives,
Many lessons are learned;

To believe is a key,
To take risks is a cost;

To feel true joy and peace,
We must understand loss;

Life is indeed a game,
That we must play with care;

And its greatest achievement,
Is the love that we share.

-Diamante Lavendar

Recipe For Happiness

1 1/2 c. love
1 c. prayer
3/4 c. enlightenment
3/4 c. acceptance
1/2 c. peace
1/2 c. wisdom
1/3 c. understanding
1/4 c. faith
1/8 c. discernment
4 T. gratitude
3 T. fortitude
2 T. goodwill to others
dash of hope
sprinkle with abundant laughter

Mix together. Add some dreams. Toss in positivity. Allow time to process!

Take Time To Know Me

I am here, child;
Take time to know Me;

All of creation
Exists to behold Me;

My essence is found
In the beauty of spring;

I sprinkled the dust
On the butterflies’ wings;

I painted the skies
With brushstrokes of blue;

I did this for Me
And I did this for you;

I made the grass green
Under your feet;

I blessed you with children,
Their kisses so sweet;

I sprinkled stars
In the darkness of night;

So you would not fear,
You would still see My light;

I admire your beauty
As you mature and grow;

There’s so much I wish for you,
Want you to know;

Be still; hear My whisper
In the soft, blowing breeze;

“I love you, my precious child;
Take time to know Me.”

-Diamante Lavendar

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