The interesting thing is...

That whereever we are, we are but sub atomic particles coursing through our invidual odysseys sometimes oblivious and sometimes knowing, more or less about our journeys. We look to the long line of footprints that we have left to help us contextualise where we are, even though we may not have arrived. Introspection to a degree is worthy, but if its too consuming, it can swallow us whole.

Sometimes cogniscance is simply in the looking and at other times in the absorbing, sometimes it is a delicate mixture of both.

Oddly, with what appears to me to be almost cosmic coincidence, my eyes are opening and I am noticing doors and windows appearing with astonishing synchronicity. This concordance has taken me by surprise a little and conincides with the planning of my first major plein art expedtion into some of Australia’s Desert Country.

Like a breeze rustling through the sails, causing boats to strain at their hawsers amid creaking choruses, plotting this plein air course seems to have primed every neuron with vast palettes of light and dark.

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