Is bigger beter ?

OK I’m not going to rant this time honest lol

I was reminded just how much of a difference viewing an image on different monitors & setups can be. I had to look at my site here on RedBubble as I was making changes etc. using my father’s setup due to the fact that my system is in the bedroom while my office/ spare room is being changed.

With my wife being on night shift that meant that I was not going to be in the room doing any work, I have tried to do some in the past with the lights off etc but this is not very easy for working in and not very fair on my wife, so I was using my fathers system and my god what a difference!! I was looking at some of my images here and was amazed at the difference both in the colour & in the light or lack of it!!.

I was looking at the images and saw that they were mostly all a lot warmer than I see on my monitor and that they were duller; there was not the same clarity in the shadows that I am seeing on my monitor, and everything is soft.

I lead me on to wonder what other people were seeing while looking at my work? Are any of my sales going to be disappointed when they get their print and it’s not the same as they saw on their monitor; this is always going to be the problem when working with online galleries as a means of viewing & purchasing. I’m fairly confident in the accuracy of my monitor etc as I calibrate them using the Eye one system from GretagMacbeth

I am certainly going to get my fathers monitor calibrated very soon but I fear that it’s not going to be as good as mine even when it is done. He opted for a big screen at what was at the time a good price but to its just never as sharp as it should be, things are always soft, it’s not very good when you are working on images and you think that the shot is just not sharp enough, only to see it on my monitor and the difference is quite shocking actually.

It’s like when we all printed our stuff in darkrooms. I had the pleasure of having my own darkroom up in the attic complete with running water; Nova deep tanks, Durst enlargers, Dukka safe lights etc. I was lucky in that my father got me into photography in the first place and we used to split the cost so we could afford to get slightly better things without all the same output of cash. My point is that it was a rule that you always spent as much as you could on the lens for your enlarger – it did not matter if you had the top of the range Durst or whatever, if you had a cheap crap lens then so was the quality of the final print in relation to what it would have been like with a better lens a cheaper enlarger.

To my shame it all sits up there gathering dust and neglected, second hand I would get pennies for it now. I only printed B&W nothing else, there are times that I miss it but now work purely in digital.

So is bigger better in monitors, or should we all be getting smaller ones of higher quality and finer calibration controls if we still want to only spend a certain amount of money without going over budget? Well I know what I choose.

Catch you all again soon,



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