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Ok here we go and I warn you I can rant at times ;o))

I’m married to the best girl in the world Cherron who manages to put up with me driving her mental and we live in Greenock on the west of Scotland on the Clyde Coast.

As it says in my profile I’ve been doing photography for about 30 years or so and semi pro for about 15 of those and I also do Photographic Restoration as well, retouching and copying etc. You know what jobs I have had a few of lately that seems to becoming more popular? Removing Spouses from the family picture so that it looks like they were never there!!

I have a day job as I do not make enough to go full time professional in the photography business. Like a lot of people on here I hope to go full time one of these days. My day job involves me being on my feet all day but I knackered the tendons and ligaments etc in my leg in January on black ice and so have been off work since then, as I get my leg back into shape and strong enough again, so I have been catching up on all the images that I have around in various formats and I have started to use my Flickr account and that led me on to RedBubble Wow … what a breath of fresh air!

Between these 2 sites I have been able to use the shots that I want and let others see them in the way that I want etc and I’m loving it, I am able to use some of what I call my more ‘Artistic’ shots rather than more conventional photographic techniques, although I think that we are going to see the difference between the 2 reduce as more and more of the photographers start to use HDR and the likes and making it more mainstream – what do you think?

Cameras have been around me most of my life, my father always had a camera out for trips birthdays Christmas etc and going back 45 years or so even then he was using Slide film Kodachrome 64, so when I started taking a more serious view to my photography he had to get me into his camera club – Greenock Camera Club.

For my sins I am a past president of the club and still a member today as well as judging in other camera clubs around the country.

I have to admit that sometimes I feel trapped by the rules and what is deemed ‘correct’ within the camera club circles. Now I know that there has to be rules so that there is consistency and so that there is some standardisation but there are times when I do not want to have to make my print smaller so that I can have the size of border that I want as it would be too big otherwise, or if I want to use a shot that I have taken that has then been adapted or processed in other programs to give a different feel to it and is then not classed as photography“If you want to do that then join an art club!” but then it’s not classed as Art by most artists etc as I did not paint it or draw it etc. I could really go off on one with regards some so called ‘art’ that comes with ridiculous prices for a dirty bed for example or a black canvas with one dot in it where the artist agonised for months searching his soul as to where to place it!! Or a brick wall or a cow in formaldehyde !!!! and this is classed as Art ? but then what would I know I? I’m only a lowly photographer and not a serious artist.I have nothing against artists of any form, they should be free to express themselves as they wish and they produce stunning, thought provoking emotional pieces that can touch you in various ways in the forms of various mediums and charge accordingly for it but you try and charge that money for a print and then see where you end up! Unless you’re a famous photographer of course.Photography CAN be Art but what is produced by an artist is always Art no matter what, is that fair ? An art student once told me that the reason that I could not understand certain art and what it was implying and why I should like it was because I had not been educated to understand it, I should go to Uni and study it to be able to appreciate it!! I’m sorry but I think that is rubbish!! When I look at something and it stirs emotions in me, then that makes me like it or appreciate it then that works for me. When I have to be told and taught how to appreciate something then I think it’s missing the point that it was trying to convey ?I did warn you that I can rant when I start!! I will leave this for now but if there is anyone that wants to know anything in particular about a shot or to comment on what I have ranted then feel to respond and we will see where this is going to go? Or would you rather I shut up and just talk about the images I make and what I do in general?

I’m finishing at this as I need to go and finish a watercolour that I am copying for a client, there is a little restoration to do on it before I get it printed.

In the meantime cheers for now, I’ll try and be a little more restrained in the next one.David.

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