Computer dyslexia

I now know why I had children. It is to help me with computers. I’ve seen people here link to other pages of fellow Bubblers work and I REALLY wanted to do that as well. I’ve read how others have done it but it was just like scribbles on a page. “HELP” was my call this morning to my kids. They gave me answers and all they got from me was a blank stare. My first attempt was a failure so I do apologise for that. On further inspection my son found the answer and I got a slooooooooooow step by step instruction which has been inscribed on bold for my future use. I gave it one last try with a hesitant “are you ABSOLUTELY sure this will work”. " It should" was his reply. I murmured " I don’t wan to feel like a bigger idiot". I pushed “add comment” and YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS echoed through the house.

Just wanted to share my warm fuzzy feeling of achievement.

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