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Copyright Issues

Hello fellow Bubblers..

Hopefully you can give me some pointers please. I had an email from Redbubble kindly letting me know that 2 of my images had been reported to them with copyright issues. The 2 images were of a 50ft inflatable spiderman taken in a public place as he was attached to a building. They said that the copyright holders (ie Marvel) had objected to them on the grounds that I did not hold the copyright to use (or sell) any of their logos, characters or I.P. and suggested that they be removed. They gave me 14 days to respond and also initiate my objection to the potential removal of the photographs from RB. If I did counter their complaint this would also accept possible court action against me and also any potential charges/costs and fines resulting from the case.

Now, even today, if you type in Spiderman, Batman or any other lycra clad superhero into the search box you will get hundreds of returns. All breaching their copyright. There are millions of images on RB that also breach I.P. laws and logo copyright but is anything done about it. Has anyone else had the large finger waived at them in a “tut tut” style ?

I think in my case it’s just the big guy trying to pound the little guy.
A massive international company worried about a couple of bucks made from the potential sale of a promotional balloon in the street ?
What is the world coming to ?


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