David Davies

Weymouth, Canada

I’ve been an amateur photographer for as long as I can remember, which at my age is about a couple of weeks! I’ve owned film...

Weather Strikes!

You may have noticed that I have not been participating in RB since day before yesterday and for this I apologize. We have had an enormous wind/rain/thunder and lightning storm that began about three days ago and caused enormous flooding in New Brunswick and here in Nova Scotia. We did not suffer from the flooding here in Ohio but we did lose power for about 20 hours. The only positive note was that the temperature shot up to 15 – 20℃ so we did not freeze our butts off. However, no power, no internet!

It reminded me of a vicious ice storm we lived through in Ottawa some years ago that brought down trees and power lines, but during that storm the temperature dropped to 20 – 30℉ below zero, so cold that we had to move out of the house for the four days that the power was out. Fortunately and most generously, Ottawa hotels dropped room prices to $40 a night for the duration so we were well looked after.

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