One Night... So Many Sites

The sky was very active on this night.So many things to film. Had fun doing this one and what a close. Cold and windy but it was fun. Hope you like this one as much as I and as always thanks for watching.


Fantastic moonrise tonight but did not last to long as the clouds overtook the moon shortly after it rose, but what a show before that happened. Thanks for watching as always.

True Blue Moon

Just what it says here in the title, This is what a real blue moon looks like ! Love this video. As always thanks for watching .

Awarded Creative Art Award 11/19/2013

Time To Move On !


I named this video because there was some things on my mind at the time of production, and I was thinking of them while out filming this the other evening. I dedicate this video to those thoughts because it was only suiting because I got my answers while filming this video. Sometimes we have to just let things and people go because it needs to be done otherwise you just keep falling with them. I have fallen enough in my time and I now like to be positive as much as I can because life is short. Some people you just cannot please no matter what you do or say. They just use you when they need you and than through you away like an old paper cup. I am tired of this so I just move on. This video has a surprise in it as well because I thought this was a perfect thing to do because I real

Autumn Moments

Not to much this fall but here is my best of fall so far this season. Always find something to put together. Cold but not to much color this fall and the leaves turned so fast not to many had much color to them. Also got very lucky in this video as well with an asteroid passing just about the moon on a scene with the moon and Venus dropping down on the horizon so be watching for it, if you do not watch closely you will miss it. Passes right above the moon and than burns up, it was awesome. Enjoy and see you soon.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Hybrid Solar Eclipse was very interesting this morning as I have never filmed an eclipse and was not sure how my cameras would do but over all I think this turned out right well.Right down over the horizon this morning and got lucky, Was very bright and hard to focus even with glasses on but did my best and still learning and did learn a thing or two this morning dealing with filming the sun so next time will be much better. it was clear skies all the way. Love this one and hope you do also. I have a black dot that shows you the moon’s position as you go through this video but it is self showing as well but did this so some could follow the moon as well as the sun. Thanks for watching and see you on the next.


Had to redo this video as I am updating my credits and there are a few surprises in this video for my fans and all who watch so be looking for them. So many clouds and not much rain to speak of had to make this to give a little sunshine for everyone today. New updates in this video as well and pay close attention to this one some things changing here at home office.

Full Moon Majestic

Cold front moved in while filming this and the clouds were fantastic. No time lapse here until the very end, clouds are at normal speed and the temperature dropped 10 degrees while out filming this as well. The moon was so clear it was amazing. I really love this video.

In Earth's Shadow

Two fantastic evenings and one great video. Two full nights of recording to catch the eclipse. It was two amazing nights and evenings as well. Verity of shots in this. Started just before sunset.

Moon Struck

Awesome Moon last night and the clouds were just racing by. Had a ball doing this one and always love to see what happens with the moon.Got to love that big bright ball of ours in the night sky. Thanks as always and hope you enjoy.

Phil's Adventure's In Switzerland

This documentary is of a trip my neighbor took to Switzerland. Phillip Sutton is his name and we decided to put this video together when he returned home. This is a most beautiful video as he took some amazing footage over there and I really enjoyed producing this for him. Give it a look and you want regret it as this is so interesting to see new places and beautiful places I might add. Thanks for viewing and see you on the next.

Gold In The West

Another fantastic sunset this week. This one I did a little different.Also left some chatter about my work on here so you guys can hear I am always talking to people about work and doing for as many as I can. This was quit a nice compliment from my neighbor Phil here and my thanks go out to him and his mother for watching all videos. Sometimes words is all you need :-) Thanks for watching to ALL of you and see you soon.

Happy Halloween 2013 wishing you and yours a safe and fun Halloween. Here is a little something for you for the holiday. Enjoy it is cute. Thanks and as always thanks for viewing . Stay safe !

Only God

Only God could paint this picture and what a picture it is. Everyone here was awed by the sunset this evening here in Virginia. It was like nothing I have ever seen. Absolutely amazing, Just cannot find the right words for this one folks, Only God, says it all.

Awarded Creative Art Award 10/09/2013

October Skies

The sky was so amazing yesterday I filmed for 4 hours while working in the yard to make this awesome video. So blue and the clouds were so majestic.

In The Process

The things I do for you all :-) This is a little video of me doing a little something to improve on my viewing area at my home and headquarters.I am planning something but do not want to say what just yet so stick around and be watching for it because it will show up in my videos when I get these things done. I cut all week for the past 2 weeks and making more sky each day and much more to do before I am done. Also shows you how fast I am :-) woosh I’m tired :-), Check it out and see you on the flip side guys and gals.

A Day With Jax

This is for my neighbor as he is away out of the country and I am dog sitting for him and I made this so he can see Jax while he is away from time to time. Jax is something else and he is very unique and entertaining and a very lovable dog. Enjoy Phil, he is in good hands my friend.Be safe and see you when you return.

Summer 2013 Cloud Dance

Fantastic episode in the cloud dance series. Thanks for watching and see ya soon. Always a pleasure to do these videos of the cloud dance series.

Awarded Creative Art Award 09/18/2013

Meet:Jax-AKA-Thunder Chaser

This is a story about my neighbors little dog that barks and chases thunder during a thunderstorm. He is an amazing little fellow and I just had to make and share this story with you all. I was very surprised the first time I seen Jax do this it was funny. Now I try to catch him when a storm comes up :-) if he happens to be out and about.

Rocking Skies

This is a new breed of video from and one of my best I think. This is absolutely awesome. Always trying to create new things here to keep you coming back. Thanks for watching and hope you like this as much as I.

Awarded Creative Art Award 09/05/2013

Sleeping Storm

My boss told me to put the camera in my window when I went to bed Saturday and this is what happened. I work at night so I sleep the better part of the day but going to do this more often now and see what happens. This is through a window so it may be just a little out of focus but the lightning came in great. Thanks for watching and see you on the next.

Cloud Burst

A couple of weeks ago, me and my neighbor, Phil, were outside shooting the breeze when this happened. Totally unexpected and not forecast. Was quit a surprise. Rained 2 inches in a matter of minutes. Thanks as always for viewing.

Awarded Creative Art Award 08/31/2013

Blue Moon 2013

Been busy lately so just getting this out. This was a most interesting night as the blue moon arrived and it was quit a variety of moon views in my yard that evening and so I put this video together and I really enjoy this one. Thanks for viewing and see ya soon.

Awarded Creative Art Award 08-30-2013

The Sounds Of Summer 2013

Fantastic slide show of photos taken this summer and some great sounds as well. Stills from videos also and all rapped up into this fantastic show. Thank you as always for viewing this show and see you next time.

Night Lightning 2013

This is usually the video of my year. Did not think this year would be to good as far as night lightning goes. I was very pleased with how this turned out and now looking forward to the second half of summer and more lightning. Thanks for watching as always .

Evening Lightning

This is also of that storm that evening with the fantastic lightning. This was a very dangerous storm back to my East as it went by me but made for one great light show.

Lightning Above

Filmed this also on that night of the distant lightning storm. This was right in front of me and it put on quit a show as you will see. I am hoping that the second half of summer will be more active for good lightning. Thanks for viewing.

Storm From A Distance

And Fireworks

This was quit a lightning storm the other night and there is another part to this video of another fantastic storm that I will be posting shortly so be watching for that one as well and as always thank you so much for viewing.

Lightning And Fireworks

This was very interesting as me and my neighbor was out watching some fireworks before a ball game on the 5th of July and a storm was coming up on the right and left of the fireworks. Fantastic shot in this video.

Violent Thunderstorm

This was a violent little storm that woke me up this morning around 4:30 am and it was almost over but man was this thing loud and the lightning was something else to behold as well.

End Of The World Moon

This is a neat and rare video here as I was filming a storm coming from the west and I also had a camera to the east zoomed in on the moon and it made for a very interesting video as I combined the two as the storm was passing by.To my west was storming like crazy and to the east was clear as a bell as you can see. This was an eerie looking moon that night so I decided to name it for what hit me as I watched it and than right at the end of the footage I was shocked at what I had said in the footage itself. When I heard what I said I knew I had chosen the correct name for this video. Most interesting and thanks for watching and see you on the next.

WeatherDon2 com Tracking The Storm

This is a little video of me tracking the storms over the month of June 2013. Not to much lightning going on and it is not in this video as I am saving that for an another video but this was quit interesting . Thanks for watching and see you on the next.

For Brittane: SuperMoon At Its Perigee 2013

Awarded Creative Art Award 06/25/2013

I dedicate this video To Brittane ,a friend of mine who was with me while filming this tonight and she is a wonderful friend and we had a blast doing this video last evening. Thanks for watching and this video is when the moon reached it’s perigee last evening and they sky was awesome for filming, Thanks to Brittne I was able to get this video.

One Fantastic Evening

Here is the HD version of that fantastic evening I had the other day. This is a very beautiful video in my opinion as the sky was putting on a show that evening as you will see here. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my line of work. As always thanks for watching and see you on the next video .

Amazing Sky Show

As feared could not see the moon tonight but Wow did the sky put on a show for me this evening. Few surprises in this little video and something I have never seen before quit on this scale. Watch and find out what :-) Thanks for watching and enjoy. HD video of this coming as soon as I get it finished and that is a lot more detailed than this but as always this canon does an amazing job also.

SuperMoon 2013 Day One

Awarded Creative Art Award 06/25/2013

Started tonight because chance of storms tomorrow and might not see it so going to try to catch the moon all week end. Thanks for viewing. Turns 13

I took some footage from over the years and some from last week and made this video to celebrate my 13th year birthday of You might find this most interesting and I hope you enjoy. Thanks for all the great times we have had during our 13 year run and hope we have 13 more together and see you soon.

A Noisy Little Storm

This is a noisy little storm and all this thunder and not one flash of lightning that you could see but this is still a nice storm to listen to and watch . This was shot with my trusty little canon of course, still going :-) Thanks for watching

Storm Day Canon Style

Fantastic little video from my small canon camera. It does a great job filming these storms and sky captures. Thanks for watching and some of my first lightning shots also in this video as well. More to come so be watching for them.

From Winter To Spring Canon Style 2013, Looking Back

My old trusty Canon A40 power-shot is still going with the best of them. Love these little videos from that camera. This shows how slow spring was and still is to come in and stay in as it is now 43 here as I type this. Long cold winter has finally tried to give way and except all the high light bills it was quit an interesting winter as I look back on it.

Storms Gathering

Video of the storms that I have managed to capture so far this spring and it has not been to active as far as storms go this spring, not like 2012 was at all. First storm video with new equipment and cannot wait until I get a real good storm to film. Thank you as always for watching and see you on the next video folks and take care.

Awarded Creative Art Award 05/08/13

Moon Setting

This is a cool video of the moon setting this morning. In this video you can see the heat rising off the roof of the house that the moon is setting behind distorting the moon as it sets. The birds are also very loud this morning as well. You can hear a dog howling at the moon as well and this was most interesting also because I thought this was kind of neat as the moon was setting. I love shooting the moon lol, beautiful big old ball.

An Evening With Don

Mowed the grass and filmed some video this evening while working on a major production that I, and a friend of mine are doing and this is something I have never done before, I got tired and a little flustered so I took a break and grabbed my cam and went out in the back yard for a little break and filmed this. Very beautiful and romantic site in my opinion. Nothing like spending quality time with God and his creation.

Storms On The Horizon

First major production with new equipment and I just love it. Still learning but will get there in a short while. Each camera has its own style and I just have to learn how each one plays out and the setting to use and all so be patient with me please and not to hard on me :-). Got big plans and hope you guys will come along with me and see all there will be to see in the near future. This video is of a storm the other day that was not expected and it was quit a site as always. Not going real good yet but it will get there soon. Thanks for watching and see you on the next :-) .

Awarded Creative Art Award 04/20/2013

New Equipment Training Video 1


I have not made many videos because I have replaced all my equipment with upgrades and have been training with them for a while now and just got new tripods in and went out last evening to play with them and got this amazing video in the process. This shocked me as to how well this new camera zooms in and how vivid it is going to be. Hope you find this interesting and I look forward to filming some lightning this evening so be watching for that. This video is such a surprise to me because you can see the creators on the moon as well as the mountain ranges and the terminator from day to night it is absolutely amazing at the detail for this powerful little camera and this is not full zoom :-) still had quit a ways to go but was to much for it. On top of all this you can also see the

Storm Season 2013 Day One

First storm of the 2013 storm season and it was amazing . Got new equipment and ready to go :-) love storm season and I am so ready for it after a long cold winter and today after this storm last evening we are waiting on yet another snow due in tonight :-) crazy weather but that is spring.

Winter Storm Saturn - The Close To Winter

This is my last official video from Winter Storm Saturn . It was the close to my winter here and has turned out real nice and spring like now so will be getting ready for storm season 2013 now. Do not think I will see any more winter storms here. This was a fantastic close to winter also as you will see. I love these snow videos. Art Show

First ever of my latest art work and you get to see the film also where the art was created from as well. This I think is going to be a great addition to the series I already have in motion. Thank you for viewing and see you soon.

January 2013 Kaleidoscope Series

Another fantastic episode of this great series. I love this series and you never know how it will turn out when I do these but they all have turned out fantastic in my opinion. I do some great art work with these as well. Thanks for watching.

January 2013 Cloud Dance Series

Here is another fantastic episode in the cloud dance series and I just love doing these. This one turned out quit well in my opinion. As always thank you for watching.

Awarded Creative Art Award 02/20/2013

When It Hurts !

When It Hurts !…

How do I know it’s love ?
When you worry about someone just because.
When the thought of someone causes you to be sad because you never see them.
When someone is hurting and you hurt as well. and you cannot figure out just why.
When someone has been gone for years. and you think of them and you burst into tears for no reason.
When you cannot stop yourself from worrying about someone who is having difficulty and you want to do all you can to help them.
When everything inside you gets all balled up at the mention of that someone’s name.
When your emotions overwhelm you at a passing thought of that someone.
When the thoughts of that someone consumes you and never let’s you go.
When you are hurting inside because you think you could have done better by that someone.
When you leave that

Winter Storm Nemo

NEMO passes through Virginia with a gentle kiss as he is headed for the North East States and on his way to becoming a Historic Storm. This was 2:30 am last night and we had heavy rain and than a change over to sleet and snow as he passed through. The snow was coming down and it added up quickly and was a half inch on the ground within 15 minutes before changing back to rain. If it had of kept up it would have been a lot more, You could feel in the air that this storm was growing in strength and was on it’s way to becoming something very powerful.

My Little Friends

Awarded Creative Art Award 02/04/2013

This video is dedicated to all my little friends I see when I am out and about doing my thing. There were a lot out the other day to and I had so much fun with all of them. Some amazing little guys in this video. Thank you for watching and see you on the next video.

A Winter's Day With Don

Awarded Creative Art Award 02/03/2013

This video is a special one because most of the footage used in this was featured on The Weather Channel, First I have ever submitted to them and they featured it. I was honored. I wanted to send a powerful message with this video and I think I may have done just that so come spend a day with me and check it out. This is the second snow we had this year and have had another while I was producing this one and I got another with some very special guest going to be in that one as well so be watching for those as well. As always thank you all for watching and see you on the next video. Take care and God bless you all.

February 1 2013 Snowfall

This was this morning around 4:15 am . It was a very dark morning and seemed darker than normal. Everything seemed darker and the snow usually lights up things a bit when it falls but this one was pretty dark. 3 rd snow of the season and got my hopes up for the big one soon.

Snow Day, 01/17/13

Awarded Creative Art Award 01/25/13

This is by far the best snow video I have ever done and you will see why I chose the name I did for this as you watch it. I really love the snow and I try to show this when I do these. Some surprises in this as well as it is something in here I have never tried before because I was just to shy but I’m learning and let no one ever say you to old to learn because no one is. I love this video and I hope you like it and enjoy this as much as I. Was also real fun producing this and with any luck I will be out tomorrow filming another snow :-) stay safe guys and take care.

Jet Filled Sunrise

Awarded Creative Art Award 01/24/13

This is a unique video in my opinion as I got up to film the sunrise the other day and I have never seen so many jets in one morning as I was filming the sun coming up. I thought this would make an interesting video so I put this together and I myself quit enjoy this one. Hope you like and as always thanks for watching and see you on the next one.

Rapid Snow Melt

It warmed up so fast the morning after the snow and this is a little look at how fast, I have never seen it do this before or at least not here at my home anyway. It got so warm so fast the snow was turning to vapor right in front of me and the fence was acting like a furnace it was putting off heat so strong.

Majestic Moments In The Snow , By: Don

A few majestic moments I had while out taking a break from my other work this past week end. Snow transforms the world into such a beautiful place. Cannot wait until the next snow storm. I am also working on a big video of the snow from the end of last week so be watching for that and I have some things that will be quit and addition to that video. Thanks for watching and see you on the next video. Also be sure to check out Productions new channel, That channel will feature only award winning videos there nothing else. Thanks guys see ya soon.

Awarded Creative Art Award 01/22/13

Kaleidoscope Series Volume 2

Awarded Creative Art Award 01/14/13

Got this series off to a great start and this is the second edition of this series and I am perfecting it as I go. This is an awesome little video here if I say so myself and will go down as one of my favorites. I did this one to look and act exactly like a real Kaleidoscope and it turned out very well. This is from my back yard straight to you all. Have fun and enjoy and thanks as always for watching.

Warning From Above, Read Script before watching !


This may very well be the longest description I have ever done. The reason being that there is a most interesting story behind this video and it goes something like this. I know some people do not believe in God and that is ok and is their choice but please do not disrespect me because I do because I would never do this to you. I am not nor do I believe on forcing any religion on anyone ever. God wants us to decide on our own. It is that cut and dried so with that said here is the story behind this powerful video. It was on December 31 and I was not planing on filming any at all this day when I was told to get my camera and set them up so I did after a couple hours deliberation and when my boss speaks he means it but sometimes we try to be lazy but that was brought to a halt real

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