Fall 2012 Comes In With A Twist !

Received Creative Art Award 9-9-12

Fall came in tonight and with a twist I might add. There was a small twister that I caught in this video which I later found out that damaged two homes behind me on the next street over and caused some injuries to people out in the yard of those homes. You cannot see it to good on this video but you can see it takeing debris up into it and what appears to be a sheet of plywood and some other things. There were minor damage to the homes which included ripping the power lines off them and some shingles and some siding and so on and so on. I was standing right in my doorway as this twister started and it was quit exciting as I do not see twisters here that often so it closed the summer out with a twist. Than after that came a fantastic sunset which you will see here also. Was quit an evening. The leaves were falling as well which really did bring fall into the area with a twist.Thank you all for watching as always and see you soon.

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