2016 Storm Season Begins With Death & Distruction !

This system produced Tornadoes all across the nation this week and my state as well. One major twister was just 25 to 30 miles from me but I was setting in a dentist office at the time the storm passed by us and missed it of course. I was saddened by what I heard upon returning home and in my office at the destruction and to my surprise that people had lost their lives in that storm. This does not happen that often at all in my general area and this was a big one. This may be a bad storm season everywhere people so be safe and always pay attention to mother nature when she is at work.This can happen to you so be safe and not sorry. My prayers go out to all those victims of all the storms this past week.

Winter Storm Olympia

Wow what a night this one was. Really came down hard at times more so than the last so called big storm we got. This was absolutely stunning. Now time for some rest folks see you on the evening . Bye bye for now and be watching for part two of this video as it has the hardest snowfall in that one.

Lou Lou's House - New Beginning's


Welcome to Lou Lou’s house. She is in a new home and this is her very first Christmas here in this video. She went all out this year and it is wonderful. Very proud of her this year and hope things will only get better for her as time moves on. Thanks Lula for all you do and who you are, She is an amazing person and a wonderful friend and neighbor. Thanks for watching, and you guys may see some new changes in this video coming to in 2016. Just saying it is time for change, that’s all. Change can be a good thing and most of the time it is.

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Russell - A Special Christmas Project


Meet my new neighbor Russell in this fantastic video. Russell came up with the theme and we all got together and put it together for him as a welcome to the neighborhood gift and a Christmas gift as well and simply because we like him. He is a super nice guy and we have grown quit attached to him over the last few months. He is also a retired veteran as well so this fits him very well. Also I personally asked him if I could film this for my December 7 video as well and he said yes but I was so busy I did not get it all done and produced in time. I amd still going to dedicate this to all you veterans out there and thank you ALL for your service to our nation and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope Russell and all veterans alike like this video and take some

Quick Trip With The Flip !

This little camera always surprises me. Walked around just to see how it would film all this and WOW as always. Flip camera’s are some amazing little video camera’s. I wish I had a 100 of these little guys but they no longer make them and that is truly a shame, They are stunning.

2015 WeatherDon2com Christmas Video

Here it is finally, Under construction since last summer and started for Christmas back in October. Been one heck of a good year and hope you enjoy this as much as I have putting it all together with my neighbors and friends. Had a lot of fun with this as well.Hope you do the same. Thanks for watching and see you on the next in my Christmas series.

The Hawk

Been trying to catch this fellow for weeks now and tonight low and behold he lands on my neighbors fence for a visit. He was also chasing a tasty meal at the time, all the birds went nuts when he came along. It was amazing.

Flash Flood Moon

After the first wave of flash flooding rains were over and the evening came. I walked out on my front pourch and saw the old moon rising under the clouds and went in and grabbed my camera. When I came back out and got set up hoping to cath some of it before the rains moved back in. What I got was nothing short of stunning. It is one of the most awesome moon rises I’ve ever seen as you will see in this video. I was just blown away by this moon.Enjoy and Thanks for watching.

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