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A Little Self-Promotion

As a host of Indigenous to East & Southern Africa, I’m indulging in a little bit of self-promotion. You may recall that just over a year ago I posted a note about the fruits of my labours in my alter ego as a novel writer. On that occasion, my note was to announce my first novel, Rare Traits, the modern/historical scifi/forensic thriller that tells the tale of a 15C Renaissance artist who is still alive today.
Rare Traits has received a good number of five star reviews which have encouraged me to continue writing.
The reason for this note is to let you know that the sequel to Rare Traits, Delusional Traits is now available as an ebook and a paperback from Amazon.

Here’s a synopsis of what it’s all about:

Is The Truth Delusion…?
…Or Is Delusion The Truth?

1970 – During the last four hundred and fifty-two years, gifted artist Annie Carr has killed in self-defence a number of times and never had to face the consequences. This time things are different. When she is witnessed brutally stabbing and killing a man, an uncompromising district attorney wants her executed. Desperate for a way out, Annie resorts to a dangerous tactic – she tells the truth about herself.

2012 – Sara Farsley has worries other women would kill for: she enjoys perfect health and she isn’t ageing – at forty-six she still looks and feels no different from when she was thirty.

When Sara was young, her mother told her they would both live forever. But how could that be true when her mother, a killer known to be delusional, is long dead?

Having lived her life trying to forget her past, Sara is persuaded by her family to find the truth, and the deeper she digs, the more bizarre the truth becomes.

Delusional Traits continues the story of the 15th-century Renaissance artist John Andrews and others like him. The now almost six-hundred-year-old John never met his daughter Paola, born in Naples in 1518, but not only is he certain that she shared his rare traits, he is also convinced that she is still alive. His hopes are raised when his art-and-computer-expert friend Ced Fisher shows him a number of brilliant paintings by an artist called Annie Carr that cannot be distinguished from the work of a 19th century female artist. But then John’s hopes are dashed when he discovers that Annie Carr is dead. Or was her death a delusion?

You can buy both books at a very reasonable price by going to the Amazon site you use and typing Rare Traits Trilogy into the search bar. That should take you where you want to go.

If you would like to know more about my two novels and the third book in the trilogy – Murderous Traits – that I’m about to start writing, I have an author website at www.davidgeorgeclarke.com where you can also link to Amazon to obtain the ebook. I also have a page on Facebook (if you go to that, would you please be kind enough to ‘Like’ the page?) and you can find me on Twitter

If you do get round to reading the book, I’d be delighted to have your feedback, and if you feel moved to write a review on Amazon, that would be great (I hope!!)
Many thanks for your time, and regardless of all the above, keep those wonderful images coming to our Group!
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