t e n T H O U S A N D

Ok I’d like to thank my mum my dad for this glorious occasion.

Alright about a year ago I got forced into doing a course that included a bit of photography, if it wasnt for that then I wouldnt be here.

I have been on redbubble for just over a year now and absolutely love it, this community rocks, teh stuff I have learnt is unbelievable, the ppl I have on my watchlist are phenomenol, I love all your work.

Tonight I finally reached the 10,000 mark, thanks to everyone for viewing and for the 2 people who have bought, love you lots.

Thanks also to redbubble for creating this site and also featuring one of my works….definately helped this milestone come sooner than later.

For all that I havent spoken to in a while, I hope you are doing well and look forward to more corespondance in the future.

Take care and thanks all.


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