Searching Redbubble

Is it just me or is Redbubbles search the worst you have encountered?…

Has anyone figured out how it decides who is on the first page and who is on the last?

I had a thought that is was on popularity and favouritings after keywords of course. So if someone was to search for Lightning, all the pictures, t-shirts, writings etc with the keyword lightning would appear.

Now for the top spot, if someone has an awesome pic, they can put lightning in their keywords and really it has nothing to do with lightning what so-ever and it will be at the top of the search. (I’m assuming)

Also I think it is a little unfair that because I have been here for a few years, my art has more hits and favouritings so generally they are closer to the front.

When I search I would like to find recently added artworks

New redbubble member

Please make welcome glennlcasey by adding him to your watchlist and commenting on his work as you have mine.

Thats a small L in the middle of glenn casey by the way…I had to ask…



t e n T H O U S A N D

Ok I’d like to thank my mum my dad for this glorious occasion.…

Alright about a year ago I got forced into doing a course that included a bit of photography, if it wasnt for that then I wouldnt be here.

I have been on redbubble for just over a year now and absolutely love it, this community rocks, teh stuff I have learnt is unbelievable, the ppl I have on my watchlist are phenomenol, I love all your work.

Tonight I finally reached the 10,000 mark, thanks to everyone for viewing and for the 2 people who have bought, love you lots.

Thanks also to redbubble for creating this site and also featuring one of my works….definately helped this milestone come sooner than later.

For all that I havent spoken to in a while, I hope you are doing well and look forward to more corespondance in the future.


Well it finally happened.

Yesterday I returned home from a busy day at work to find that someone had purchased one of my works. I sold one of my lightning photos “Natures Fury” as a medium sized mounted print.

I’m so stoked, thanks to the buyer, I hope your mother likes it. Happy Mothers Day!

Check out my website if you have time, If you goto the random link you’ll see my adventure on Tuesday afternoon with some of the car fire pics I took. Those of you who live in country Western Australia may have seen me on the news. I tried so hard to get out of that believe me!

Take care all.


Busy Busy

Well times have definately been busy for me the last few months here in Coolgardie especially with the dreaded workload doubling.…

Anyway I havent had time to look or comment on peoples photos in a long time and some people have emailed me asking whats up.

Im still here!! I still love looking at your pictures!

What I have been doing though is trying to get my website up and running….not as easy as I first thought but as explained its there in trial version at

I have also entered my first newspaper/fair competition. There are 3 categories for one I am out straight away because of my age…damn kids get all the fun. The other two are vintage and open.

I have put in 6 of my photos including the rainbow over coolgardie and my old mine workings photo. They will be displa


After much procrastination I finally got myself a website, went all out and got a domain name as well, anyway its all in construction stages at the moment but Id love for you all to stop by and give me ideas, maybe I could link to you as well if you want! Lets have fun, come by to

Seeya all soon

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