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Help me! Because I am really trying to understand: the congress is working on a so-called tax relief bill…but new spending in the bill increases our National Debt by a trillion dollars. It is being touted as a blessing for Middle Class Americans because it keeps the present tax rate and also gives some small deductions elsewhere. This increase in the national debt is real debt. It is money your children and grandchildren will pay back with interest—perhaps, for their entire hungry lives. And the people applaud!

Help me! Because I am really trying to understand: the President and the congress are giving breakfast with fresh fruit to children in school, patting children fondly on the head as they eat while robbing their futures blind. With all this concern for children and middle class welfare in general the congress is debating a bill for January, a restructuring of the tax code, touted the bill as a blessing long over due for the people, a bill that will eliminate the Mortgage Home Interest Credit, which will have the same effect as increasing the average middle class tax rate by tens of thousand of dollars. It will force many families into bankruptcy. It will cause them to loose their homes—exasperating the mortgage crisis we still suffer from. Sure the congress will tweak the bill before its final form; will write in heavily structured relief clauses so the poor can remain in their homes; credits of sorts will be tailored so that young couples in partnership with the government after going through government hoops will still be able to purchase a new home. But is that what you want? In effect the government owning everything and you nothing outright. The loss of property rights is the last nail in the coffin of freedom. And the people applaud!

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