EarthDay 2011

The past 15 years I have been digging into alot of theories, from Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra to Quantum mechanics.
More and more it occured to me that there’s a divine structure to the universe, a perfect harmonious balance that creates LIFE in the most mindblowing, beautiful and spectacular ways!!
Unfortunately we are constantly disrupting this life-creating harmony faster and faster, and I am afraid we are reaching the point of no return.

Personally I have no power to change the world, I am meaningless in the bigger picture. But nevertheless I do have this wish, this very deep wish to leave a better world to my children when I pass, and i want to DO something!! I started to think what would be within my power and it only took me a minute to realize I can at least try to make a difference through my art.

Thus the Earth healing Project was born!

Since I believe in the power of positive thought, as well as being convinced about the existence of a collective consciouness I tied a few things together and found something everyone, (no matter which race, gender, religion or culture) would be able to participate in!

If we want to create CHANGE, we need change of attitude first. In order to change our attitude we need to change our level of awareness. Change of awareness can be achieved in numerous ways, one of them is by feeding the collective consciousness through positive thinking and combined channeling of positive energies!

It works!! You can read all scientific info to back this up HERE

I started working on this project in January. Especially the video was a real pain in the butt, took me ages to complete! I was happy that Alex joined me, his words really saved me there!!

Two weeks ago I was finally done and decided to launch it, I was completely blown away by the tremendous support I received here!! Rosie, Kira, Frannie, Liesbeth, Terri and Shirley amongst many others have invested their love and energy to make this work!! But besides the hosts, I have had such heartwarming replies and wonderful conversations with people all over the world. I will cherish the comments forever, they make me feel really positive, it is great to read all the replies!! I haven;t been able to find the time so far to reply but please know it really warms my heart!! It alos fills me with HOPE….one day..maybe… it’s still possible!!

So here’s my final request; If you haven’t downloaded the image allready,please DO! and join us!!

Good karma will reflect back on you too!!! :)

You can also leave a message for the world in the guestbook or read what others are wishing for you!

I want to thank you all form the bottom of my heart for embracing this project which is probably the most meanigful thing I created so far……at least to me it is my most important one!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


PS: I am sure I forgot to thank people that I should have thanked but since I have submitted this to several sites and had numerous replies I completely lost count, I sincerely apologize for that!!

PS2: How about if we ALL change our avatars to an Earth theme tomorrow to celebrate this EarthDay 2011!!???

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